Brief Rundown & Procrastination (Pictures)

I am soo procrastinating because there are two things I have to do and I really don’t want to do them:

– Hang up laundry.
– Retouch my hair.

BAH. I’ll get them done in a bit. I HAVE to do them tonight. My hair is in not-so-nice condition and my room, well. Yeah. We won’t even discuss that. Meh.

I’m so happy Live Journal is back. I did miss it very much. I had all this good stuff to write about and couldn’t. Well, I did record some things with Editpad, so yeah.

Last night, I had THREE invitations. TRIPLE BOOKED! That never happens to me. I’d been invited to a party, to a Mark Schultz concert, and Rob wanted to do something as well. I didn’t really want to spend money on the concert, wasn’t in a partying mood (and planned on dropping in later in the night at some point), so I decided to hang with Rob and the gang. Good times, man.

I met Rob, Josh, Tyler (skinny bitch), Bizzy, and Emily at Starbucks, then the girls ate KFC. After that, Emily disappeared, and we carpooled and went to Tyler’s place where Becky showed up. Since T had NO snacks in his apartment, we trekked to Giant Eagle (Rob and Tyler skipped arm in arm, and Becky, Bizzy and I walked arm in arm) where we loaded up on junk food. Then we headed back to Tyler’s where we watched The Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys! Man, I forgot how HOT Jason Patric was. MAN. Beautiful. I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Here are a few pictures from last night of me and Biz. Teasers, they are. ;) More to come soon.


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Some Christmas Stuff (Pictures)

I’m at home, and we have dialup now. Still no broadband. I tried to connect to the neighbor’s internet with no luck as well. I’m going to go out to the site and see if there are any outage notifications. If not, I’ll call them tomorrow and have them send signals to my box and reboot it from there.

Dial-up is definitely unstable. It just kicks me off at random all the time. Frustrating, indeed.

So, here’s my haul, so far:

(from work)
– Lancome Pleasures perfume
– Candle from White Barn Candle Co.
– Mary Kay stuff
– $20 card to Barnes and Noble

(from friends)
– total of $65 to Best Buy
– Legolas magnet
– bubble bath
– rose scented candle
– cherry flavored chapstick
– $20 to McDonalds

(from chris & aidan)
– The OC Season 1 DVD
– Popular Season 1 DVD
– Harry Potter and the POA DVD
– Harry Potter Quidditch Playstation 2 game
– air compressor
– vacuum with air compressor for my car
– car emergency kit
– scrapbooking kit
– huge pad of scrapbooking paper
– 2 journals
– $25 to Gap
– Disney Trivial Pursuit
– Mickey Mouse Club stuffed Mickey Mouse
– nightgown

(stocking stuffers – from chris)
– lots of board game key chains
– a huge Hershey’s kiss
– astronaut ice cream
– 20Q game
– Bop It keychain
– mini etch-a-sketch

(stocking stuffers – from family)
– lots of stickers
– $10 to Best Buy

(from family)
– $20 to Kohl’s
– $100 to Best Buy
– DDR Max Playstation 2 game
– Mambo gift set
– fire extinguisher

And there is still more to come!!!!

Here is my favorite gift of all, I think:

Christmas is fun. And yes, I know, my hair is not cute at all in that picture. And I look fat. Holy crap, maybe I should take it down.

Alrighty then. Chris has fallen asleep and Aidan has the run of the house and a bad attitude. Later gators!

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Yay! More Fun! :) (Pictures)

Tonight, I went to the Thanksgiving Dinner that was held for The Grove. It was pretty okay. I stuck by Rob and Tyler for most of the night, and Kim at some points too. Interesting foods there. Lots of desserts. :) Aidan was good for the most part, playing with the babies and the toys. He got bratty near the end; I think he was tired of being in the house.

Kim, Rob, Tyler and I left together and hung out in the street for a while. It was way too cold, though, so we went to Starbucks and hung out and drank hot drinks. I drank cocoa and my stomach is already bubbling. Dang lactose intolerance. Some of the most memorable moments of the night were: Tyler doing his “kid dance,” (I have to get that on video someday), Rob tossing Tyler up in the air…come to think of it, Rob and Tyler together is pretty funny. I love hanging out with them.

Tyler (the cutest geek ever) and me at Starbucks.

Rob showing his strength by lifting Tyler, but not so much. Tyler is a bit wiry. ;)

Rob and Aidan sharing a table at Starbucks. How cute are they??

My friends ROCK.

More pictures coming soon to the photo album.

Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow. I was going to clean the house and isolate the cause of the gross funny smell, but I think Chris may have taken care of it already. Hmm. I know at some point, I’m supposed to hang out with Amy, but that’s not til the evening. I will probably try to catch up on sleep tomorrow. Just relax, maybe. Chris had mentioned the zoo, which never makes me sad. I LOVE the zoo. But we’ll see. I’d just as soon stay in bed all day, or play on the computer. Ha ha.

Last night, Kelly P came over and we had spaghetti and girl time. THAT was fun, especially the watching Little People part. Where’s Todd? Haha. Long story. Well, not so much. But anyway, I always love hanging out with her, so I’m excited that she came all the way to my house just to spend time with me and have spaghetti with me. :)

I am so glad it’s the weekend!!!!!! Seriously. Today was the longest Friday ever. Actually, no it wasn’t. There was another one a few months ago that was much longer, but today was still pretty rough. I am so looking forward to relaxing soon. Probably taking the laptop into the bedroom and having a ball.

Next week, we are taking Aidan to stay with my mom for a week. I will miss him, but I will enjoy the free time in the evenings for sure. Hopefully I can get the following things done:

1. Quality time with friends.
2. A bit of writing.
3. Christmas shopping.

OH MY GOD. It’s my mommy’s birthday. Somebody remind me to call her (at a decent hour)!!!!!

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Another Weird Day (Pictures)

What a weird week. I’m not the only one complaining about it, either. So many of us are like “wha…?”

Church was today. I got up and made it to Sunday school. Good for me. Then there was service. Emily yoimemily was there. I was hoping she’d be there. She’s so fun. She sat by me. :) WOOHOO! I got lots of compliments on my sweater. :D

After service, I asked Tony to take a pic of Bizzy otaku_witch and me together.

I adore her new haircut.

THEN, I got a hug from Mr. Matt. Those of you who know him realize this is huge stuff. But it happened.

After church, a bunch of us went to lunch at BW… well, it’s not BW3 anymore. Well, whatever. We ate there. Jen H was given the new name of “The Bomb Diddley” by Joshua, and Theresa was given the name “Dude” by Steve. Good times. I ran my errands afterwards and also went a little quite a bit crazy in Barnes & Noble. Bought all three Aria CDs (the guy took so much time looking for 1 & 2 that I’d have felt bad if I hadn’t bought them), and the Wanda Sykes book. It is HILARIOUS already. Then we took Aidan trick or treating in Craig’s neighborhood, then I came here and burned CDs for my mommy in law.

Ok, so it doesn’t sound so weird when it’s written. But I assure you, today was not normal. Not in my heart.

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Let’s Get It Started! (Pictures)

– Hanging out at Easton with itskels and adorable Ari for the evening. <3!
– Watching Shania Twain’s Live In Chicago DVD at top volume with my mother-in-law.
– Loving my “new” printer.
– Downloading “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas. Now I can hear it whenever I want!!
– Smelling like lavendar and camomile.

– Having weird feelings about certain people.
– Insecurity.
– Still needing to unpack.
– Clean clothes and dirty clothes being mixed up due to lack of unpacking and/or putting away clothing.
– Aidan STILL being up!!!

I spent the evening with Kelle Belle and her precious daughter Ari. That was fun. She said she’s never going shopping with me again because I am a bad influence. All because I told her to smell the Alfred Sung Shi perfume and she liked it so much she bought some for herself. I can’t wait to hang out with her again. :)

She’s gonna hate me. But she looks so cute, and I look like such a dork, so it’s great.

OH! As promised! Pictures of Aidan in his Halloween costume!

And for those of you asking what I got at Prada:

Yup, yup. And so on and so forth. Hey, all you local gals!! I have a Happy Hour thingy tomorrow at Origins at Easton at 2pm. PLEASE join me. It’s free and supposed to be totally cool. So please come if you’d like. Just say you’re with me. :)

Alrighty then. I’m going to go and answer some emails and other stuff. Maybe print out some stuff because ya know, I have this sweet printer now. Later!

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