saturday 9

Saturday 9: Hakuna Matata

Sam has BRUNG it with some Disney questions this week. I couldn’t say no.

1) Sam is crazy for The Lion King. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
Yes! Beauty and the Beast.

2) The song tells us that Hakuna Matata “means no worries.” Is something worrying you right now?

3) Who is the most optimistic person you know?
Rachel Z. from Moksha.

4) Elton John wrote “Hakuna Matata” but didn’t record it. Name a song Sir Elton is famous for singing.
Bennie and the Jets. (I probably totally got that wrong, didn’t I?) Also, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. He sang that one with George Michael. :)

5) Can you play the piano?

6) Congratulations! You just won a guided African Safari Tour! 8 days in Zambia and Botswana for you and a friend. All expenses paid, and allowing you access to breathtaking, unforgettable sights. It takes at least 30 hours to get there, and before you go you’ll need yellow fever and hepatitis vaccinations and medication to prevent malaria. Are you up for it?

7) There’s been a mistake. You really won a 4-night Disney Bahamas Cruise for two. Are you relieved or disappointed that you’ll be partying with a guy in a Simba suit on the Lido Deck instead of observing a real lion in the wild?
Still thrilled because I’ve always wanted to take a Disney cruise AND go to the Bahamas.

8) Let’s bring this back to real life — do you have any vacation plans?
June 3, baby. Back to Disney World! :)

9) Describe your luggage. Is it durable and high quality? Or are you like Crazy Sam, who has been known to use an Old Navy shopping bag as her carry-on?
I have cheap luggage from Target. It’s OK for now. One day I’d like to get really nice, fancy luggage. I guess I figure I don’t travel enough to justify the cost, though.


Saturday 9: Christmas Carols

I haven’t done a meme in a long time and I felt like doing this Christmas one that came around. Hosted by Sam at Saturday 9!

1.) What’s the first holiday song that comes to mind?
Jingle Bells. First it was the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters version, then the Frank Sinatra version.

2.) Are you sending cards (either by postal service or email) this year? If so, have they gone out yet?
Yes and no. I will work on them tomorrow/today.

3.) Can you see any holiday decorations from where you’re answering these questions?
Yep! Mine!

4.) Do you wrap gifts in paper or take the gift bag route?

5.) The holidays are an important fundraising time for charities. Here’s an opportunity to do a shameless plug for your favorite. What organization or cause do you wish got more support at the holidays, and all year around?
Anything that feeds people who are hungry. Animal shelters. Literacy organizations.

6.) Andy Williams was famous for his family holiday specials. What TV family would you most like to spend Christmas with?
Hmm. Probably the Cosby Family.

7.) The holidays are a big time for travel. Where did you go on your first airplane flight?
Disney World!

8.) Does the weather have an impact on your mood?
Most definitely. When there is a lot of snow and cold and ice, I feel claustrophobic and depressed. When it’s sunny and warm with a light breeze, I feel happy and light.

9.) Snack time! You’re about to make yourself your favorite sandwich. What ingredients do you need?
Two slices of wheat bread, yellow mustard, roast beef. Maybe some raw spinach as well. Yummy!

Dang it, now I’m hungry.


Saturday 9 (7)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. This one looked fun, so I thought “why not?”

So, here goes!

Saturday 9: Come Dancing

1. When was the last time that you went out dancing?
It’s been years! I went out in December, and I danced when I was out, but I didn’t go out for the purpose of dancing, if that makes sense.

2. Have you ever had an argument with a teacher?
Not that I remember. Once, though, a teacher asked the class, “What am I supposed to do with this?” and I answered, “Eat it.” That earned me a detention. I was seven or eight at the time. I remember my parents putting on this show in front of the teacher: NO MICHAEL JACKSON FOR A WEEK. They never enforced it, and I found out years later that they thought it was hilarious and that’s why I really didn’t get in trouble with them.

3. Do you have a tough time remembering people’s names?
Yes. I’m great at faces but not so good at names.

4. Would you rather change your past or know your future?
I don’t know. There are amazing things because of my past, like Aidan. So I think I like it the way it is.

5. What’s one thing you feel you must do in your life before it ends?
· Travel out of the U.S.
· See Aidan grow up.
· Publish a novel.
· This:

This is Ingrid Yang.
She is beautiful and amazing.
Seriously, read her bio.
I haven’t met her yet.
Her class is level 2-3 and I’ve been doing 1-2.
(Mia, who has been teaching me for nearly two years, thinks I can handle 2-3,
but for some reason, I’ve been scared to try it.)

Ingrid inspires me just the same.

6. How many credit cards do you have right now that have a zero balance?
I have two credit cards, and one has a zero balance. I’m maintaining a balance and paying more than the minimum payment on my other to rebuild my credit.

7. What is the most expensive thing you purchased this year?
My yoga teacher training tuition. Well, I haven’t purchased it outright. I’m on a payment plan. And I got an AWESOME scholarship. But it’s still expensive. Worth it, though.

8 . If you’re married, this probably doesn’t apply to you, but: Are you mindful about getting tested for STDs/HIV at least semi-regularly? Why/why not? Married people: Were you mindful about this type of thing when you were single? Why/why not?
I was never promiscuous, nor did I spend much time single. Once I went to college, I was in monogamous relationships pretty much all the time until I got married.

9. If you could ask the president of the United States one question, what would it be?
I’d ask him if it’s all been worth it. I swear, it looked like he started sprouting grey hairs the very night he got elected. I NEVER want to take on his role. OR I’d ask him if he’d want to hang out with me. Not as the president but as himself. He seems fun.

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Saturday 9 (6)

Y’all. I’ve had the most fabulous week, and I will blog about that (as well as respond to all comments) very soon, I promise. But I really liked the questions for this week’s Saturday 9, so I decided to knock this one out right quick.

Here goes!

1. Have you ever still been in a relationship that you knew was ending, but you hung in with it anyway? If yes, why?
Yes. Twice. Once because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. The other because he was the father of my child.

2. Tell why people around the world should be completely enthralled by you.
UM LOL. I really don’t know. I’m nice, silly, hopefully fun to be around. :)

3. Other than where you live, what’s your favorite city and why?
Hmm. I love Columbus, Ohio. I had gotten tired of it when I lived there, but I do love it. Aidan’s there, it’s a nice, mid-sized city, and I even like their nuttiness over the Ohio State Buckeyes. But there is Orlando, which has Disney World! I want to travel more and experience more cities.

4. What is something you are really passionate about?
Reading, writing, Aidan, my family, and yoga.

5. What has been your most exciting prize that you’ve won?
This is a very good question. I’ve won some cool prizes, that’s for sure. But the most exciting? I remember when I won an MMC prize pack from one of the teen magazines many years ago. All the subscribers who were my penpals were congratulating me on it. I didn’t know it because the issue hadn’t hit the newsstands yet and the magazine didn’t let me know! And once I won a Playstation 2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game from the official website. The winning page said “I shake you warmly by the hand.” I’ve won lots of little prizes and giveaways here and there, but I can’t wait ’til I win that cool $100K.

6. Do you think there was there a second gunman behind the grassy knoll?

7. What was the silliest, most fun, crazy, or impractical gift that you received?
Silliest? It would be what I call my “America F*** Yeah!” It’s an eagle with color-changing lights. The best part is that the wing broke off in shipment. I’m also sure it was made in China.

8. What was the most practical gift that you received?
A vacuum cleaner from my mom in 2007.

9. What blogger has been in your blogroll the longest? How did you discover them?
I’m going to go with Helen. I discovered her through a message board. We kinda butted heads in the beginning, but I’m crazy about my Helenboo. :)


Saturday 9 (5)

Saturday 9: The Last DJ

1. Who was your favorite DJ and what radio station did you listen to as a kid?
I don’t remember many of the DJs from when I was a kid, but my parents listened to 108FM, WDMT, and so that’s what I listened to. When I got older and my tastes started changing, I listened to Lynn Toliver on 93FM WZAK, then I started listening to 92FM, can’t remember the call letters. Then, I loved the Open House Party with John Garabedian WHICH APPARENTLY STILL EXISTS! He always had some awesome New Kids on the Block thing going on. And I was am a huge NKOTB fan.

2. What has been the weirdest thing you have worn in public?
My fairy wings. But that was to a convention, so maybe it wasn’t so weird after all.

3. What was the best part of last weekend?
Me & My Friend :)
Hugging my friend Amy aka Claudia Gray

4. What was the most effective punishment for you as a kid?
a. Getting a whippin’.
b. Getting my favorite things taken away, like having my Michael Jackson posters taken down or no stereo.

5. Would you lie to your significant other to not hurt their feelings?

6. We’re taking your order for breakfast. What would you like?
… and some bacon.

7. Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, do tell. If no, why not?
Sure. I don’t go all out anymore. Kids don’t come by my place and the past few years I’ve had to work pretty late on Halloween. But I like to partake in candy. And I like to see decorations and costumes.

8. Do you hand out candy to the neighborhood kids?
I used to when I lived in a neighborhood that was conducive to such things.

9. What’s the favorite age you’ve been, so far?
Hmmm. That’s a hard one! I can’t say that I have a favorite, to be honest. Each one had its ups and downs.

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