Weekend End

Today I hooked my monitor and stuff up to my laptop. Then I realized that I needed a USB keyboard, so off to Best Buy we went. I was going to get a wireless keyboard and mouse ($49), but then I saw a nice $19 USB keyboard, wired, but good enough for what I wanted, so I got that. THEN I picked up a 160 gig external hard drive ($89). I’m backing up all my files now. YAY. This was important to me because I was feeling weird about having all my precious files on one place. Call me paranoid, but after losing two computers within two weeks of each other, I don’t want to take anymore chances.

I mean, I know it’s weird, but I missed writing at my desk. So until I get my desktop computer from Andy, I will probably keep my laptop hooked up here… well, at least until I need to be downstairs with my laptop, like tomorrow, for instance. I’d LOVE a docking station, but I am not sure if they make them for my particular computer. That way I can just plop it on the station and not have to worry about stopping things and unhooking them and stuff. But again, I’ll get my desktop sometime, so I probably won’t even need to do that. We’ll see. :)

Fifteen out of forty-nine folders have been copied, and it’s been going for about 90 minutes now. :D I have about 70 gigs of stuff to move over.

Chris is planning a vacation for us. Unfortunately, not Disneyworld. :( However, it will be the southwest, so I’m okay with that. Vegas (a stripview room in Rio!!), Phoenix, Mexico. Good times. It will be my first time visiting outside of the U.S. I know, sad, isn’t it? I’ve never even been to Canada, not yet anyway. Anyway, can you say BELLAGIO BUFFET??? And fountains, and the malls and pretty stuff and photo ops… YES. Can’t wait. :D

Yesterday, I spent the whole day indoors thanks to a poopy scratchy/sore throat. Chris took Aidan to the Air Force Museum, so I got some quality rest in. Then I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert Pattison is illegally handsome. :D

Today, I found out that Katie reads my LJ, so hi Katie!! ♥ Same to all you “IRL” people who read my journal. Don’t be afraid, come on out and say hi! :D

Right now, Aidan is watching Monsters, Inc which I bought today, along with The Parent Trap. I’m looking for Blast from the Past on DVD. I wonder if it’s out. It’s such a cute movie! Okay, I’m being summoned by my little guy. I’m also craving bacon like WHOA but I don’t have any in the house, and I doubt I could convince Chris to go out and get me some. :x

Anyway, good night!!

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Oh Dear…

Chris is obsessed with listing stuff on eBay.

Listings here: [CLICK]

Buy stuff. If you want to, of course. :)

P.S. Those of you who commented on my 2/28 entry with such nice things… thank you. ♥

P.S.S. Today at my in-laws, my father-in-law was playing videos on his computer. He played one of Grandpa Myron on Easter. He looks at the camera and gives a great big laugh and says “are you taking pictures of me?” Chris’s father answers with a resounding “NO!” It’s hilarious. I asked him for a copy of it. It’s sooo like Grandpa, to laugh like that. :)

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Chit Chat

I had a busy, busy day yesterday. We left the house at about 8am and didn’t get back last night ’til nearly 11pm. We went and got Aidan, then stopped by Ty and Jolene’s place. They had never met Aidan, and we had never met little Ellie, and it turned out to be really great and way too short as usual. Ellie is the sweetest baby ever. She’s six months old and smiles, smiles, smiles. The only time she got upset was when she was hungry. She and Aidan took a real liking to each other. Ty and Jolene made us chili and they ate like 438957497 Zingers. I passed because I don’t like coconut–but Ty bought me cookie dough. :)

Jolene has this amazing camera: a Canon DSLR, and OMG. It’s sooooooo awesome. She let me take loads of pictures with it. Wow. *breathes* Of course, I took pictures with my camera as well.

After that, we headed back home. Chris drank two Red Bulls and two Starbucks Double Shots. We stopped at Best Buy where I used up the rest of my gift cards and my reward zone certificates and purchased a BOAT LOAD of DVDs:

The Wizard of Oz three-disc collector’s edition
A Different World season one (!!!)
Growing Pains season one
Clueless “whatever” edition
Titanic special collector’s edition (with 45 minutes of deleted scenes!!)

I also got The Golden Girls season four for Chris, and he bought Aidan Danger Mouse seasons three and four. So yeah, if Chris doesn’t get a big enough bonus for us to go to Disneyworld this year, we have plenty of DVDs to keep us occupied, no? Cause he bought LOADS, I mean LOADS. It was insane, the amount of DVDs he got. Most of them I have no interest in watching.

After Best Buy, we stopped at McDonalds, then went to Chris’s mom’s house. Grandma Edna is all moved in, and she was smiling a lot. We put in the DVD of Grandpa Myron, and it was hard for me to watch. Chris’s mom started to cry. Aidan lightened the mood a LOT, though. Chris’s mom gave me a box of “75% less sugar” Trix. Walmart is the only place we can buy them around here and I refuse to go in that store.

I wish someone would release an entire DVD of Woody Woodpecker cartoons. I saw a couple of Classic Cartoon sets, and they each had ONE Woody Woodpecker episode on them. What’s up with that? I’ve been fiening for some Woody Woodpecker, but I’m not buying an entire set for ONE EPISODE that’s probably like seven minutes long. And why isn’t The Wonder Years on DVD yet???? I dunno about you, but DVD TV shows are the coolest thing EVER. Especially when the old shows are resurrected. I wish they’d put The All New Mickey Mouse Club on DVD. I’d buy them ALL in a HEARTBEAT.

Lady and the Tramp (along with loads of goodies) should be arriving for me any day now. Wheee! Chicken Little is also on my “to buy” list, because Aidan likes it a lot.

Chris and Aidan are at church now, so I’m taking the time to relax. Yesterday was long and tiring, although good. I can’t believe I managed to finish The DaVinci Code AND Elsewhere before I had to return them to the library. But good books have the ability to hold my attention, so it worked out well. But now, I have a copy of TTYL out, and I can’t find it. I’m going to renew it so I have more time to look for it. I didn’t enjoy that book, and I only read about five pages before I had to put it down. Maybe I’m getting old (NOOO) but an entire book written in IMs is a bit much.

Have I posted that before?


We hosted a Game Night at my house on Wednesday. Just the life group, nothing huge. We had pizza and played Apples to Apples and Scene It! Good times, good times. Chad and Ben got into yet another argument–Ben is Jewish (not sure if he is Messianic or not) and he wouldn’t eat the pizza because even though it was cheese, it was half cheese and half pepperoni. Chad was asking Ben why did he still keep kosher (especially since he’d eaten a Big Mac the other day), and round and round they went.

Ben: You give me the SAME SPIEL every time!
Chad: That’s because you ask the same six questions every time!

Good Lord.

The house is already crumbling. *sigh* Well, I had a clean house for quite a few days, so yeah.

I wasn’t planning on doing any writing yesterday. I did jot down a few ideas in my writing journal early this morning, but anything serious? I’d pretty much shelved the idea. But for some reason, I opened up Becoming Me and went to work on revising. I rewrote the ending, cut out entire chapters, and got rid of seventy-five pages of gobbledy-gook. Now it’s with my crit partner Mandy (mandywriter) and with Kelle Belle (itskels), my reader. In the meantime, I’m going to take a small break and then jump back into my WIP, all while jotting down ideas for future projects.

I love writing!

Why did it take me so long to discover the beauty of RSS Aggregators? I use Sharp Reader and I like it very much. I especially like getting all the news from the sites I visit in one spot, rather than going to loads of webpages. It’s great! :)

‘Til next time! :)

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Guess who is now the owner of THIS green dress:

YES YES YES! I bought it today. I found myself at Macy’s, looking for it, feeling disappointed as I came across it in rose, a size 10. I wear a 4 (and it’s still long) and I wanted green. I looked around. Came back to the rose one. Noted that it had a significant price reduction. Oh dear. I knew there was no way I was going to get that dress now–it was beautifull and on sale and GONE. :(

I poked around various racks, and my hopes rose slightly when I noticed that there were dresses placed where they did not belong. I got the grand idea to check the sales rack. THERE IT WAS. Dare I hope it was in my size?

BINGO! It was. I grabbed it, jumped up and down screaming “YES YES YES!” then RAN to the checkout. Not only was it on sale, but I ended up getting another 40% off because I got approved for a Macy’s card.



Now I just need somewhere to wear it, HA HA HA HA!

(a good hemming couldn’t hurt either, huh?)

I got a lot of Christmas stuff done today. :D After that, I met up with a bunch of friends for dinner at the Olive Garden. Some of them went on to watch Rent, but the weather started acting weird and I started to crash, so I decided to come home.

YAY for today! It was fun! Earlier, I saw THE GRINCH! He was standing on the sidewalk downtown waving at people! I really wanted to take a picture, but I was driving. That would not have been safe.

Alrighty then. ‘Til later! :)

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The Seal Has Been Broken (Pictures)

Magical Night of Giving was so neat! I got my Christmas shopping started YAY!!!!! I was listening to Christmas music in my car, and yes, I’m in the spirit. A little bit early, but not by much. :) They stamped my hand and I got all sorts of discounts in loads of stores. Hallmark had a special–buy one roll of regular wrapping paper ($4.99) get a mega roll free. Kaufmann’s had a spend $50 and get a $10 gift card for free. Everywhere had a “spend this and get that” or at least 10% off everything in the store. Free makeovers and hand massages in Sak’s, door prizes. I didn’t see the WNCI guys there, though. :( Maybe they were at the other mall. Oh well, I had fun anyway.

First highlight of the evening the wrapping paper light saber fight that Kristen and I had:

Then, we tried on dresses.

Here is me and Nikki, matching!

Here is the dress I FELL IN LOVE with. I wanted to buy it so badly, but I don’t have anywhere to go in it, and spending $150 on a dress just because it’s pretty is just not practical!!! But anyway, here I am:

My Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Dress

I had a good time tonight. :) It’s always great to hang out with a fun bunch of gals. :D I can’t wait for our fondue night. :D:D:D


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