Crazy Day Pt. 2 | Shopping Adventures

The thing is… once upon a time I used to LOVE shopping. I used to love hitting the malls and the stores, trying on clothing, and getting new stuff. These past two days, however, have been grueling. I returned the suit I’d bought at Filene’s Basement because it really was too big. Then I went to New York & Company to see what they were all about, as Kelle Belle suggested it. There shirts were AWESOME. They fit right, and were made for someone built like me. The pants were another story. Size 2 petite were too baggy and long for me. I don’t have time to get pants tailored, so those went back on the rack. I got great shirts there, but not so much for the pants. :(

Went to Old Navy… no luck. Didn’t even have anything for me to try on remotely close to my size. Went to The Limited (I knew The Limited or Express would have pants that fit me) and got two pairs of nice pants. Expensive (sigh) but I know they’ll last me and I know they will match the other Limited stuff I have in my closet. My other choice of pants is the Editor pant from Express. I am not sure where an Express is in Chicago yet.

My other big purchase was some bath bombs and that Ring of Roses stuff from Lush. That was something I promised myself I’d get once I got a job. I got two free bath bombs too, thanks to coupons and a special.

At any rate, today was exhausting. I got some stuff, and I am hoping and praying that this place doesn’t require suits all the time. I can’t find anything affordable that looks good on me, and I will have to wear the two I have over and over for a while. I am hoping the nice shirts and nice pants will be professional enough. I’ve been living in the business casual world for so long, I have no clue how this professional dress stuff works. And on top of that, I felt GUILTY for buying stuff, even though I need it for work. I’m so used to not spending this much money at once, and I just felt uncomfortable hearing those totals. But these are one offs, and because they’re decent quality, I shouldn’t have to buy too much more. I still need brown shoes and a bag. *sigh* Maybe next week.

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Dead Sea Spa Stuff

About a year ago, I went to the mall to get some clothes that fit (remember, last year, I’d gained some weight because all I did was eat spaghetti and watch The O.C. on DVD). I walked by one of the kiosks and let one of the cute Israeli guys talk me into buying this stuff (and some of their other products as well). It was something I could ill afford, but I’ve never been able to fight a high-pressure sale by a cute Israeli guy. (That’s why I avoid that kiosk now.)

While cleaning off my chest of drawers, I noticed the bottle of the lotion. I’d put it aside in the “take to work and put in the free basket” pile, but then I picked it up and sniffed it. Mmm. Then I put some on. Yum. While not great for my dry hands, it feels amazing on the rest of me. And it smells amazing. So, while I don’t necessarily agree with their high-pressure sales tactic, I’m glad I bought this lotion. And now that I know I can get it online, where there is NO pressure to buy, I can move knowing that I can obtain my favorite lotion anytime I want.

It did not go the free basket at work. HA.

Their stuff is not cheap, but the stuff that I caved in and bought, I like all of it. So there you go. Not an endorsement for caving to high-pressure sales or anything, but that sometimes, you do get what you pay for. My arms and legs feel like freakin’ silk right now.

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Who’s getting a paid LJ account? Anyone?

Not I, said the Ronni. At first, I’d definitely planned on it. I was going to save and have enough for it… and I actually do, but I think I’ll simply wait for the next sale to come along. Another two years won’t hurt anything.

I shopped a little bit last night. There are HUGE sales everywhere. I had a $5 gift card to Barnes and Noble, and their 2008 planners are all 20% off. I ended up paying 94¢ for the planner! Wooo. And it’s pink. I’ve never had a pink planner before. My 2007 one is red.

I have so much fun filling out my new planner every year. That’s probably a very dorky thing to do, but I get into it. Different pens, stickers, self-stick notes. Everything. I still have my Dates & Data from my last year in college. I like to save my planners, see what I was up to back in the day. I love the B&N’s planners start in June/July of the current year. I can start using my new one next Friday! :) And I can leave the red one home for backup.

Yesterday was my first trip to Easton in a long time. That place is designed to make one hungry. All the restaurants pumping out their good smells and making my wallet wiggle. I resisted, though, and went home and made dinner. Yay me.

It’s the first day of summer!! YAY!

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Good Things

I’m hanging out at cheebychumba‘s, watching The Office with him, his brother, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend. I drove over in my pajamas, and post-shower, so when I go home tonight, I’ll go straight to bed. Well, I’ll be ABLE to. Who knows if I ACTUALLY will!

Anyway, helenatural does these… what I call positivity posts, and I figure it’s time for me to do one. It’s been a while. So here goes.


1. Getting a huge pat on the back for the Pre-K TE Style Guide I put together at work;
2. Good conversation with good people;
3. Finding a Burger King located fewer than five minutes from my apartment!!
4. Brownies fresh from the oven;
5. Newsies;
6. Free Cheryl & Co. cookies every month at work from a vendor. (Can’t wait for Snickerdoodle month!)
7. When boys call other boys “bitch”;
8. Tomorrow being FRIDAY;
9. Sudden, unexpected instances of being saved;
10. ♥

So, a few weeks ago, I was at work, talking to Tamera. Just about random stuff. She mentioned this planetarium she got from The Discovery Channel Store. You can set it to any part of the world, and it’ll project the stars onto your ceiling. She said it’s the coolest thing ever. That evening, I got home from work and opened a letter from meimeigui. In it was two gift cards; one of them $30 to The Discovery Channel Store. The planetarium? $29.99. Guess what I’m gonna use my gift card for when I go to that store this Sunday? :)

All right, gonna head out. I’ve gotta go home and go to bed. Or at least pretend I’m going there. ‘Til next time!

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