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Hmm. Chris is brought me home McDs. This being sick crap is the pits. Especially when you think it’s over and you wake up one day feeling worse! Ugh. I have too many things to do to lie around sleeping all the time. :(

I’m laying off the Nyquil for real, yo.

Wrapped a few presents tonight. Feeling much better than earlier today. No more shaking, coughing has calmed down. I feel close to normal, actually. :) Going to the doctor in the morning. Working 1/2 day tomorrow, will probably piss off the boss. Oh well. It’s not like I get sick on purpose. :(

So… I haven’t seen any really good Christmas programs yet this year. What happened to the days when they’d play How The Grinch Stole Christmas for days in a row? And what about all the cute cartoons and the awesome movies on Lifetime, like The Christmas List? And A Christmas Story! I haven’t seen that yet, this year! Oh, the horror! WAH. Perhaps I need to check local listings. I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. I get sucked in and I hate that. But I do want to watch some Christmas programs.

The Grove is tomorrow! I get to see Emily (yoimemily)!!! YEA! I love her. She’s so awesome. Busy day ahead, but at least I get to sleep in since my doctor’s appointment isn’t until 9. And a half a day at work is a good thing. I should get plenty of stuff done. OH CRAP, I have to sit in on a staff meeting tomorrow and take minutes. Grrrsnarly grumble grumble poop. There goes an hour’s worth of brain cells. Numb. Maybe I’ll cough so much they’ll kick me out. ;)

Alrighty then. I’m done, I think. Later, gators.

Cute & Random

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Protected: Feed That Cold!

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The Internet Is My Lifeline

I freaked out when I got home and the internet was hiccupping. Luckily, it’s okay now.
And I’m nice and clean.

Things To Do:

– return/exchange ______ to _______
new tires
– finish Christmas shopping
– balance checkboook
– pay bills
– buy stamps
– wrap presents
– answer emails
– HW assignments
– buy and send rest of Christmas cards

Hmm. Cold meds kicking in. Must sleep now.
Stupid sore throat.

Good night.

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A Kind of Blah Day

Worked 1/2 a day today which is good because I didn’t get to bed until nearly 2:30am! Came home, took a nap, then went to the doctor. He upped my meds to 20mil a day. Yeah, I’d say I needed it. Heh.

Came home, slept some more, then went and picked up Aidan. We went to Meijer and I did some Christmas shopping. :D And I got Bizzy’s (otaku_witch) birthday present. :) Came home, worked my magic with the tree to fill in those missing holes, watched The O.C. (how is it possible that Adam Brody gets cuter by the day??), did quite a bit of cleaning, and now here I am. I cleaned the island in the kitchen, the living room, and my CLOSET. Not sure where that came from but yeah.

Now, I’m listening to Aidan scream at Chris for some reason, the television’s too loud, so I don’t know how soon I’ll be getting to sleep.

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday, and I get to spend the evening with Emily (yoimemily). :D Should be good times, there.

Okay then. First attempt at sleep coming up. After I screw around a bit, of course. Byee.

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Sick. :(

ER at 4am – $100.00
Being told I have a kidney stone – $7457987598.00
The way the drugs they gave me to knock out the pain made me feel – Priceless.

Ah yes. Drugs. The other white meat. Or something.

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