The Start of the Week

This will be a weird week for me. I didn’t go into work today. I got a lot of much needed rest, though. But then we went to “play” volleyball with the gang. I never play, only watch. But I got on the swings. DUMB MOVE, especially on an empty stomach. I felt icky, so I sat and watched the game. The awesome Abe brought food and Chris cooked it on the grill. After I ate and drank ginger ale, I felt better. We didn’t stay much longer after that–I am still feeling really tired and stuff.

It won’t be a late night tonight, that’s for sure! Aidan’s in bed, so I’m going to take a bath and get some rest.

Gosh, I had a whole day off and I still have things to do:

– Update Palm Pilot with a new battery and new information.
– Figure out what to do about Wed. night’s small group. (I actually have a topic!)
– Clean master bedroom.
– Retouch my hair.
– Buy a (belated) birthday present for Monica.
– Deposit $ into the joint bank account.

I’m debating whether or not to take another sick day tomorrow. If I feel like I do now, I definitely am. But then, I have to go in late Wed because I have an appt with a chiropractor. This will be my first time ever going! I’m going to be in Kelly P’s neck of the woods in Powell. Should be quality time. I signed up for this great deal. I guess this initial consultation is valued at over $300, and since I donated $10 to the hungry, I get it all for free. Cool, huh? We’ll see how it goes. I’m tired of the back problems.

Well, anyway, I guess I’ll go now. I just updated my photo album, so check it out if you wanna. :) Good night, folks!

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So, I don’t understand why this happens. But every two or three weeks, I have a dream that I have the worst stomachache of my life. This pain doesn’t go away, in fact, it rather intensifies. Then, I wake up (usually around 4am) and realize the pain is not dream pain, but it’s real pain. And I realize I’msick.

It happened again this morning. As I’d been planning on taking 1/2 day off of work, I wanted to get there so I could finish up my tasks. Usually, I’m done being sick around time for me to leave. NOT THE CASE THIS MORNING. I was dressed, ready to grab my keys when IT struck again. :( So, I called off the whole day. *sigh* I felt better within a few hours, so I ate some lunch and did some shopping. I came home, did some chores,napped, and now, I think I feel sick again. :( That makes me sad.

Chris tried to donate blood today and apparently, it didn’t go too well. He fainted and threw up about 3 times before he finally told them he needed to go home. Luckily, he didn’t pass out again until he was home and safely on the couch.

Katie (live4himalways) is sick too, as is Kelly P. :( That sucks! The weather is so pretty and we’re all too pooptified-feeling to enjoy it. So, here’s hoping that we all get better soon!

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