Disney Survey! :)

01. Favorite Magic Kingdom Ride?
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

02. Favorite Disney Villain?
Maleficent. She is just SO FREAKIN’ cool looking. Coming up closely behind: Scar

03. Favorite Disney Classic Movie?
Beauty and the Beast

04. Favorite Mickey Mouse Movie?
Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

05. Favorite Princess?

06. Favorite Disney Sidekick?

07. Favorite Epcot Ride?
Test Track or Soarin’

08. Favorite Disney MGM Studios Ride?
Tower of Terror

09. Favorite Animal Kingdom Ride?
I’ve only ridden the safari. I don’t go to Animal Kingdom much.

10. Favorite Disney Food?
Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

11. Favorite Disney Parade?

12. Favorite overall Walt Disney World Attraction?
Mickey’s Philharmagic

13. Favorite Non-Animated Disney Movie?
The Parent Trap (the original)

14. Favorite Disney Shop?
World of Disney or Emporium

15. Favorite Disney Character to take a pic with?
Mickey and the princesses, and also anyone who I rarely see.  OK, ALL of them.  :)

16. Favorite Walt Disney World Show?
Beauty and the Beast. It made me cry!

17. Favorite Disney Hotel?
Pop Century and the Grand Floridian. Guess which one I’ve stayed at. LOL.

18. Where do you want to work if you could have any job at Disney?
I’d dance in the parades.

19. What’s your favorite park?
Magic Kingdom

20. Which mountain is your favorite?
Big Thunder

21. Favorite fireworks/night show?

22. Favorite WDW restaurant?
Garden Grill. Yummmmm.

23. Ever been to the other Disney parks (Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong)?
I’ve been to Disneyland in California.

24. Ever been on a Disney Cruise?
Not yet.

25. How many trips to WDW or DL resort have you made?
One to DL, three to WDW.

26. How old were you on your first Disney trip?

27. Have you done a character meal?
Heck yes!

28. Would you rather have character pictures or autographs?
Pictures. Lots and LOTS of pictures.

29. Splash Mountain or Space Mountain?
There’s nothing like Space Mountain!

30. Favorite Disney Character?
Mickey Mouse

I tag Rosa for this one, and any other Disney freaks out there.

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Thanks, mindiscott!

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A Survey

1. First Name: Ronica
2. Age: Do I have to? Fine, I’m 33. :O I still get mistaken for much younger, though. Just the other day, a guy told me he thought I was 17.
3. Location: Chicago, IL as of March 2008
4. Occupation: I’m a free agent these days.
5. Partner: Adam.
6. Kids: Aidan
7. Brothers/Sisters: Yes
8. Pets: For now, I am sharing Crookshanks with Adam.
9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
a. Having Aidan for the summer
b. Looking for a decent job
c. Dealing with the brand new wedding plans (details soon)

10. Where and for what did you go to school? I went to Ohio State and got a BA in Psychology
11. Parents: They live in OH
12. Who are some of your closest friends? Adam, Andy, Ivy, Rosa, Jen, Kelle Belle, Chris

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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