As posted in my AIM away message:

Had tons of fun today. I love the Maxwell’s pool and hot tub. :-) Didn’t like it that Chris got us lost, though. But that’s okay. Sunday was fun, as usual. I’m all sunscreeny and chloriney, plus Aidan vomitted in my hair. I’m tired and in desperate need of a shower. In addition, my contacts NEED to come out. So, I’m outtie. Later, y’all! :-)

Yes, I had an awesome Sunday, as usual. Part of the reason is that I got to spend time with people I’m crazy about. I went to Sunday school, and then service. After church, the group had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly known as BW3), and then a bunch of us met at Craig’s parents for a party. We played in the pool, lounged in the hot tub (mm, glorious hot tub), and watched Harry Potter. I also got some sunbathing in. I’m anxious to see how golden I am. :) Where we were–that was Luke Perry’s hometown. Craig showed us the 1984 year book, and sure enough, he was in there. He’d gotten biggest flirt!!! Figures. Heh. Good times, good times. On the way home, Chris took a wrong turn in Mt. Vernon and we got lost. Tacked another 30 minutes onto a 45 minute trip. : But I’m home now, so that’s all that matters.

I’m trying to think of what else happened today? I guess that’s all. So, with that, I’m going to hop in the shower, then head to bed. So, good night! I’ll answer emails and post pictures from this weekend soon, I promise! G’night!

P.S. Anyone have any ideas on what I should lead discussion on in this Wednesday’s small group? Eeep. Time to go and spend some time with God to find out!

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