As written in my AIM profile:

What is it with guys and slapping each others’ butts during sports events to say “good game?” I mean, so okay. I watched as Todd and Joshua tried their darndest to tell Abe “good game.” But Abe was having none of it. In fact, Abe went as far to slap his own butt several times so that everyone could know that he indeed, played a good game. Of volleyball, that is.

Tonight was another Volleyball/Ultimate Frisbee Monday for the crowd. There was a HUGE turnout this week, which was awesome. I showed up late, just in time for the mosquitoes to come out. I wasn’t sure I was going to go, but my presence had been requested by Joshua, and I figured I’d better not let him down. Besides, he told me that my presence was a blessing. How could I resist that??

Anyway, Aidan and I sat on the blanket and watched them play. As if I was going to join in. Those people are hard core. ha ha! Then a few of the frisbee players got done and people started to head to Dairy Queen, or Dizzle Quizzle, as Matt (not to be confused with Mr. Matt who sometimes comments here) likes to call it. So, I packed up Aidan and collected Ruthie and we went. I ran over a curb and scared poor Ruthie. Aidan thought it was funny.

My favorite quote of the night came from non other than Mr. Matt. To set the story up, the invite that went out regarding tonight’s events said “Your Invited” instead of the correct “You’re Invited.” Christen, who is from Germany, was wondering why we were discussing it. We were explaining to her the difference in the forms of that particular homonym. (Homophone? Whatever. I get them all mixed up.) And to put it bluntly, Mr. Matt explained the difference as: “Your machete. You’re going to die.” Sweet.

And yeah, the butt slapping thing. Why do guys do that? And I didn’t realize there was ETIQUETTE involved. Todd and I determined that it’s probably best not to rub and go “Heyyyyyyy, good game.” But it would be pretty funny if it happened, heehee.

Okay, I’m a dork, and I need to go to bed. G’night! :)

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