This is going to sound cheesy, but man, I felt popular today/yesterday. I have several phone calls to return, had no fewer than FIVE IMs waiting for me when I got back to my computer, and I spent the evening (and early morning hours) with Kelly P! I do so enjoy hanging out with her and talking to her. And eating pizza and watching MMC. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening and a more perfect person to spend it with. She’s awesome. (Sorry, Kelly, for being so mushy!)

This is such a change from just six months ago. I felt so alone. I had no one to hang out with, or just have fun with. All of my bestest friends live out of town. At first, I was okay with that, but my counselor tells me face-to-face contact is so important. And I realize that she’s right. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed hanging out with people. Playing games with them. Having conversations. I can’t believe I isolated myself so much, and thought it was OKAY. I thought I didn’t need people. I figured that no one wanted me around anyway, so I was better off alone. Where I couldn’t ever be hurt.

I know that when I get into my writing phase, I freak out. I need lots of alone time to concentrate and create. But you know, I realize that I need to be around people even when I’m in my writing phase. They inspire me. Motivate me. Because I want to write something for them to relate to. For them to enjoy. It’s weird, that.

So, I need to get some rest and get ready for a long day tomorrow. There is work, of course, then I HAVE to get that oil change–I’m starting to get paranoid now, and small group at Garth’s house. Aidan’s so rambunctious now, so I hope he behaves. I have a feeling it won’t be too serious anyway, so it will be all good.

And guess what! Tami comes back in less than a week!!! OOOOOOO! I can’t wait to see her! I miss her. She’s going to be amazed at how the group has changed over the past few months. Wow, our group is going to change again once she is back. It will be awesome.

Alright. It’s nearly 3am. I am going to be so tired tomorrow. I think Red Bull and a lunchtime nap in the car might will be on the agenda. But now I see that Kelly is no longer idle, which means she’s home safely, so I can now rest easily. Good night, all. Til next time….

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