Month: July 2004

It Is Well

Five Reasons Why Today is a GOOD Day:

1. I got an unexpected extra two hours of sleep when my alarm failed to sound this morning. Meep.

2. I’m hanging out with Kelly tonight!

3. I got to talk to Jen*Jen!

4. Ivy’s tickets are booked!

5. It’s Katie’s birthday!!!!!!!!

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Just Chatting…

So, my Sunday turned out to be wonderful. I missed Sunday school because Aidan didn’t get up until 10:30. And that was because I was in his room getting his clothes out of the drawer. He woke up in a good mood, though. He looked confused, though, and like he was going to whimper, but I was really cheerful and showered him with hugs and kisses and he was laughing before I knew it. :) Such a cutie!

Church was great. Pastor Jim is back, the Uzbec team is back, the Honduras Team 3 is back, and HSLT is back! I missed Katie soooo much. She looked so pretty today–all healthy and tan and glowing. It was so good to see her–I really need to hang out with her soon!! Anyway, church ran long today because people from all 3 of those groups spoke, plus we had communion. I really had to pee by the time it was over.

After church, a bunch of us went to First Watch for breakfast/lunch. They have YUMMY food. I mean WOW. :þ Then we went to a family thing and to Chad and Christy’s for dinner. We played a new game called Apples to Apples, which is really fun and cute and easy. I highly recommend it!

So now, I’m home and will be getting ready for bed shortly. However, I feel like doing this survey stolen from guess who!! , of course! ;)


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& iVY !!

So my favoritest online friend Ivy: (and when I say “online friend,” I mean, that is the way we met. Just so you know, I consider her a “In Real Life” friend. The line is quite blurred for me in that respect, but I’ll get into that some other time.) is coming to visit me in September!! I am sooooo excited! I haven’t seen her since 1999. That’s a long time not to see someone I consider one of my bestest friends. It’s gonna be so much fun.



Okay. I’m tired and slaphappy. Off to bed with me!

P.S. I can’t get the “Little People” song out of my head. If any of you have the video, you know what I’m talking about. Darn Aaron Neville….

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Scrapbooking & Stuff

Oh, so much to do. So little time and money to do it. I’m feeling the scrapbooking fever hitting me again, and I REALLY want to finish my Friends & Family scrapbook before Autumn comes along. Ahh, beautiful Autumn. It’s my favorite season, you know. But ANYWAY, I want to finish this scrapbook because I’m just really excited to journal about my friends, old and new, who have touched my life in some way over the past few years.

I already have the scrapbook. It’s greenish and pretty. I have tons of stickers and stuff. I’ve uploaded all of my favorite digital pictures to Snapfish. All I have to do is get the money to print them. Right now, they are having a sale: 19 cents a print. But I want doubles of all prints; just in case I screw one up during cropping. And there are a LOT. Pictures all the way from April! I also have more Aidan ones I want to print. I LOVE my digital camera, but DANG, I take tons of pictures with it.

I also have 3 rolls of 35mm film to develop. I like to do One Hour because I know it’s being done right there on the premises. So, that’s about $10 a roll there–I like to get doubles and matte print as well. My favorite place is Walmart, believe it or not. They have this AWESOME paper by Fuji called Crystal Archive, and it’s not really a matte finish, as it’s more of a lustre finish. It’s beautiful. Like the professional photos or something. Sparkly, almost. Lustre is definitely my favorite, followed by matte. Glossy is my least favorite, and so many people seem to love glossy. I don’t know. The gloss takes away from the picture, in my opinion.

I’m excited to begin this new album. But I really want to crop with other people. I don’t like to scrapbook alone. Writing–yes, I can and need to be alone to do that, but cropping is best done with friends. So if anyone is interested in cropping with me, drop me a comment or call me!

In other news, Andy visited for two days and that was fun. He’s so low maintenance. AND he let me take his picture! :) He took me to Bob Evans and Carraba. Mmm, Carraba. Today was my first time there. I ate chicken parmesan. YUMMM. I have to say it again. YUMMM. Good stuff. We also snuck in a trip to the toy store, where I bought one of those sets of mini Harry Potter action figures. I got the one with Harry, Dumbledore, and Snape in there. I don’t know about you, but Snape is one of my favorite characters in the movie. He’s so creepy. I LOVE it!

After Andy left, I went to the park for a Damascus gathering. That ended up being really nice. Yummy food. Good fellowship. Then, Tina, Chris, Aimee and I went to Craig’s to play games. Abe showed up about an hour later. We played Scene It again. What a great game. I HIGHLY recommend it!

And the weather! All you central Ohioans, was it NOT gorgeous today? Oh, if only every day could be like this. It was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. The night is very cool now. A couple of nights ago, I was sticky and miserable. Now, my nose is running due to the chill in here. I’m definitely going to have to turn the fan off before bed. Or maybe I’ll keep the one in the loft on….

So, it’s 2am, and Saturday. Other than an oil change, I have nothing on the agenda. I feel strangely calm about it. Excited to relax, you know? The house isnt too messy, so I don’t have to rush around cleaning, and I have no plans with anyone. And for some reason, I don’t mind. :)

Well, I’m really tired and I have a backache. Mother Nature is visiting and it’s just one pain after another with that. :

Later, gators! :)

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