Month: July 2004

Careful of what you wish for…

So, last night, I was unbearably hot. Right now, I am unbearbly COLD. I went outside to warm up, and even in the sun, it was cool. Now, I am glad for the cool down, but it’s hard to adjust to when one is used to sweltering, steaming temps.

Can anyone tell me why I’m having such a hard time finding Balderdash or Beyond Balderdash? :(

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To Do…

To Do (hopefully before the week is out):

[ ] clean out car
[ ] upload photos from digital cam into photo album
[ ] sort and put away laundry

To Buy (eventually):

[ ] box fan
[ ] “Wind Tunnel” fan
[ ] oscillating fan
[ ] dustbuster

Good times.

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Hot Enough?!

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Bloody hell, it’s HOT. Now, I’m not one to get hot easily (I’m usually the one freezing while everyone else is positively boiling), but even *I* am miserable in this sticky, hot, humid weather. Have a home with no air-conditioning doesn’t help. Can you believe I am actually hoping for a storm tonight, to clear the air? I’m ready for that alleged cold front that’s supposed to be coming through tonight. I can’t take much more!!!

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