Month: July 2004


So, I don’t understand why this happens. But every two or three weeks, I have a dream that I have the worst stomachache of my life. This pain doesn’t go away, in fact, it rather intensifies. Then, I wake up (usually around 4am) and realize the pain is not dream pain, but it’s real pain. And I realize I’msick.

It happened again this morning. As I’d been planning on taking 1/2 day off of work, I wanted to get there so I could finish up my tasks. Usually, I’m done being sick around time for me to leave. NOT THE CASE THIS MORNING. I was dressed, ready to grab my keys when IT struck again. :( So, I called off the whole day. *sigh* I felt better within a few hours, so I ate some lunch and did some shopping. I came home, did some chores,napped, and now, I think I feel sick again. :( That makes me sad.

Chris tried to donate blood today and apparently, it didn’t go too well. He fainted and threw up about 3 times before he finally told them he needed to go home. Luckily, he didn’t pass out again until he was home and safely on the couch.

Katie (live4himalways) is sick too, as is Kelly P. :( That sucks! The weather is so pretty and we’re all too pooptified-feeling to enjoy it. So, here’s hoping that we all get better soon!

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So, Josh and Kelly, the newlyweds, are on their way back from their honeymoon in Kissimmee, Florida. They stopped at Epcot, ate lots of pineapple, and according to Kelly, they shopped in every single dollar store they could find, at the insistence of her new husband. Of course, they did more than that. They had a really great time, though, and I’m glad. On their way down, when Kelly was driving, he’d keep waking up and saying “I’m your husband!” How cute is that? And yes, Josh made sure to tell me the number of times they… um… *cleaved.* :) Heehee.

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This will probably be a ramble-bamle entry. Sit back and prepare yourselves! :)

First, I want to point out my one horoscope:

Pinching every penny? Polishing every dime? Put ’em all down — you have better things to do with your time, frankly. The almighty dollar has nothing on you and your charming smile.

Heehee. If only it were really true… ;) As it happens, Chris is freaking out about money and for once, I am calm. I gave myself a $50 shopping limit today and only went $2 over (and that’s just taxes and stuff). I got 4 pairs of CUTE panties (they all have silver charms on them!), a pink striped polo, a purse, and 2 necklaces. I think I did pretty well. I’ll be posting pics at Shopaholix soon.

But anyway, back to money. We are dealing with some tightness, but it’s nothing that doesn’t happen every summer. We have our seasons. Seasons of when I’m doing great, and seasons of when it’s REALLY choking. I feel that as long as I’ve paid all my bills and have enough for gas and food, with a little something-something put aside in the savings, why not treat myself to some things here and there? Okay. All the time. :O I think we’ll be okay.

I have to go shopping tomorrow for a few things. I’d thought about going to Target, but I think Wal-mart would be a better choice. Just in terms of location and in price. I need the following things:

[ ] Diapers
[ ] Girly stuff *ahem*
[ ] CG smoothers face powder
[ ] Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick #84 (Intense)
[ ] Extra sugar free gum

I’d LIKE to buy the following for Aidan, but they will have to wait til next time:

[ ] Booster seat
[ ] Toy computer
[ ] Potty (!!!)

So moving on. Adventures in driving. I’d like to know a few things. Like–did anyone else know that when you go through a yellowish-reddish light that you’re supposed to hit the ceiling of your car? And what does it mean when two cars drive close together on the freeway with their hazards blinking? Are they caravaning? See, this here new driver still has lots to learn.

My friend Dave sent me this link: It’s GREAT! I tried to pick a tricky one, and it STILL got it. So GO PLAY. :) It’s fun. I did trick it on two tries, though, so that was pretty cool.

At Easton, there is this place that sells Belgian waffles called Belgian Iron Works. Today, they had samples. Aidan and I shared one, and we both liked it. I shopped a little bit, then ended up back at the place. We shared another sample, then I decided to get a couple. Chocolate chip and cherry vanilla. WOW. I mean… WOW. I’m addicted. They are sooooo good. Can’t wait to go back and get more. MmMmmmm. Belgian Waffles. Yummmm. :þ They cook them right in front of you, and they use dough instead of batter. Again. WOW.

I went to see my friend Vicki today. She’s very sad because her sister moved to South Dakota to study paleontology in grad school. So I went to be a support and to help her with that adorable little son of hers. Aidan and Abby–my goodness. Children. :þ

See, it’s happening again. All the stuff I think of to write while driving, I forget as soon as I get to the computer. Annoying!

So, I guess I’m gonna run now. I want to get to bed before midnight tonight. Gosh, I just wish there was more time. More time to sleep, more time to hang out with my friends, more time to write, more time to fart around on the PC. Well, I am taking another 1/2 day tomorrow (YAY) and my Friday evening is WIDE OPEN!! So, we’ll see what happens. :)

Good night!

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Ten things that made me happy today:

1. Napping in my car during lunch.
2. Having spaghetti for dinner.
3. Spending the evening with Kelly!
4. Driving barefoot with the music blasting.
5. Filling my iPod with yummy music.
6. Seeing that Mr. Matt signed my guestbook. :)
7. Chatting with Monica at midnight.
8. Seeing Aidan try to learn to jump.
9. Getting an email from Garth.
10. Going to bed early, for once.

Good night! :)

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