I saw this sign at Target last week:

Thank You’s???!?!?!?!? PEOPLE! You don’t pluralize anything by adding an “apostrophe s” to the end of it!!!!

Also, here is a picture of the crazy house, as promised.

It doesn’t look as crazy on the picture. But it’s so funny, so lit up. And there is the one window full of random Sponge Bob Square Pants. I HAVE to see it every year. Multiple times, actually.

Sometimes they even have music playing. But it was quiet last night.

So weird.

And from a few weeks ago, the beautiful grammatically INCORRECT poster in Blockbuster:

*shakes head*

If you look at the TV to the left, you can see me taking the picture!! :)

Tonight, Chris is taking Aidan to an OSU hockey game. They’re going with Craig. I’m hanging out here, which means I have no definite plans, hint hint all you local folk. ;)

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