I already know one present I’m getting. I must give Chris props. He ran all over town, looked online, everything to find this gift for me. The dang thing is sold out everywhere. You know how he found it?

He’d thought to himself: “I’ll bet no one in NEWARK watches The O.C.”

Newark = A small to midsized town in Ohio that is kind of known for… ahem, how can I put this? Um… well, put it this way. One trip through Newark will grant one the pleasure of seeing many mullets. All types.

Sure enough, The O.C. Season 1 on DVD was at the Target in Newark. THREE copies, as a matter of fact.


I hope I get it for my birthday. Having it 5 days earlier sounds very nice. :D

You know, I haven’t been listening to holiday music very much. Only when I turn it on 104.9, or if I’m home and decorating do I hear Christmas music. Seeing as I haven’t been home the past three, going to be four evenings (if I go to the Christmas Whatchamacallit tonight), no wonder Celine and Charlotte Church and Elvis and The Temptations and New Kids On The Block and all of those folks have been so quiet!

And I can’t find my Christina A Christmas CD. YIKES. This is a tragedy. That’s one of my favorites! :( I have an idea of where it might be–I have to find it.

I am in a much better place this year than I was last year. I’m excited about the holidays and about the 2390489573482957234987 gifts under the tree for me. And Aidan should have a blast this year. He’s going to get SO MUCH STUFF. It’s out of control. And people keep buying him things!

Saturday, Aidan is going to stay with his grandmommy for another week. This is perfect timing. I plan to get so much done next week. I hope I follow through on at least half of those plans. Like seriously cleaning. And making the house extra pretty for Christmas. Wrapping gifts. Working on my writing. And [insert surprise stuff here] to name a few. Hopefully I can find time to hang out with some friends as well.

What is it they say? Only 15 sleeps til Christmas? Or something like that? Heh.

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