I took Nyquil last night to help me sleep and I don’t think it’s completely worn off yet. It’s kind of a good thing because I am totally mellow right now. And not so sleepy, although I could sleep if given the opportunity.

I’ve fallen off the wagon AGAIN. I ate McDonalds for dinner last night. But starting today, the McDonalds fast is on again. And the Wendy’s fast is still in effect–I don’t think that one will be hard to stick to. Wendy’s is not my favorite place by any means.

I went and saw the Christmas Whatchamacallit last night. It was very nice. My favorite part was the “baggage” skit. Those of you who were there will know what I’m taking about. And the last testimony was awesome as well. I’m sure Chris will rope me into going again with him tonight, but I told him I’ll see. I’m tired and really want to sleep all evening. But I can’t!!

I’m so busy. I have so much to do yet. Chris wrapped a good amount of the gifts last night, except the awkwardly shaped ones – FIGURES! I have mixed feelings about that. See, I used to LOVE wrapping presents, but I haven’t been getting into it so much the past couple of years. So while I am happy not to have that chore weighing on me, I am kind of sad too because I do like to do it when I’m in the right mood.

Christmas is drawing near. I don’t have much shopping left to do. Only Tina, Ivy, and Mommy remain, I think. :) WooHoo! Then, I’ll wrap the gifts and take a picture of the tree with all the presents underneath.

See, that’s another thing I need to do. I have pictures to upload. Boo. So much to do, not enough free time to do it. Wah.

I’m so D-Y-S-F-U-N-K-shanal!

(I say/write “so” a lot).

I’M SO GLAD IT’S THE WEEKEND. I hope I make it through today without pulling my hair out!

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