STILL on dial-up. Broadband refuses to come on. I’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow–there should be no excuse. The holiday will be over, so they should be ON IT.

I got another $40 to Best Buy today. :D

Woo, DRAMA at the family Christmas gathering today. But Aidan was a hit and everyone loved him, as always. Chris’s brother is crazy funny. So are his cousins Sarah and Amy. I guess they’re my cousins now, too.

Church was okay. I got to sit by Bizzy for some of the service. :D Pastor Mike did the message. It was so dead–tons of people did not show up.

I feel lonely right now. Hmm. Maybe a wine cooler will take care of that. ;) The bottle of wine from last night is totally gone now. I didn’t drink it all, though, haha. I’m too much of a lightweight for that.

Took more pictures. When my broadband is back, I’ll upload them. I have a ton of new photo albums to show you. :)

Work tomorrow. Fun fun.


Later, gators.

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