Well, technically I have “broadband” right now. I’m at work (on my break) and we have T1 lines or something. Mmm. High speed internet. I just called Road Runner and my house is still in the outage. FOUR DAYS without broadband, people! My heart is breaking. Not so much, actually. :) Hopefully, it will be up today, but she said she can’t make any promises. I hope it will be up today. I miss being logged into AIM and uploading and downloading things at blazing speeds and all that good stuff. I truly do! WAH!

It’s so nice and quiet here. I LOVE this time of year at work. Everyone is in good moods (the few people who are around, anyway), and well, it’s just nice. Not much to say, I guess this is just a stupid random jibber-jabbery post. Heh.

I stole this from

Bold the ones you have done.

I have kissed someone…

on the cheek.

on the lips.

on their hands or fingers.

in my room.

in their room.

of the same sex. (on the cheek)

of the opposite sex.

younger than me.

older than me.

with jet black hair.

with curly hair.

with blonde hair & blue eyes.

with flaming red hair.

with straight hair.

smaller/shorter than me.

bigger/taller than me.

with a lip ring.

who was drunk.

who was high.

who I had just met.

who was homosexual.

who I didn’t really want to kiss.

on a holiday.

who was going out with someone close to me.

who was my good friend’s brother or sister.

who had been/is in jail.

in a graveyard – almost!!

at a show/concert.

at the beach.

in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water.

who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with.

with dyed hair. with a shaved head.

who was/is my good friend.

who was/is in a band.

who has tattoos.

who is of a completely different race than me. – actually, that would be all the guys i’ve kissed…

in the rain.

in another continent besides where I was born.

with an accent.

with an std.

in a car/taxi/bus.

on a plane.

with a missing body part.

in the movies.

eskimo style.

Hmm, what should I have for lunch? I know it’s early. I’ve eaten so much over the weekend. I just can’t seem to stop feeling hungry. I really have to watch. I don’t want to gain too much weight. Actually, I don’t want to gain weight at all.

I’ve been blazing through my Season 1 DVD set of Popular.  I’d forgotten how good that show was.  I watch 3 episodes a night.  Once I’m done with that, I think I’ll watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, then I’ll start on my O.C. DVDs!!!  You know I’m excited about that.  I’m definitely doing the delayed gratification thing with that.  ;)

So yeah, I think this is what I’m going to buy with my Best Buy cards. Or I could pay $50 more and get this one. Word. :) I guess we’ll see.

Okay then. I guess I’ll go now. Byeeeee.

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