It’s Been Decided

Snapfish hates me. I was finally going to be ambitious and upload pictures for printing–and this is the second time this week the site has given me problems. I know there are a million photo printing websites out there, but Snapfish has the best prices and I like their quality. But man, they’re going lose a customer if they don’t fix their site up.

Alright, it’s 11pm already. Off to bed with me. Bah.


I figured out the problem. Snapfish doesn’t like FIREFOX. Seems to be working okay with IE. :D

Stupid Stuff

“Food should be fun. These potatoes are not fun.” – Snoozin today at lunch.

I ate entirely too much for lunch. I had a WHOLE roast beast sammich on wheat (I usually only get half) with yellow mustard and lettuce, a salad, Sun Chips, and a granola bar. I’m a little bit full right now. Little bit.

She was brave, though. Trying potato pancakes and brussel sprouts from the cafeteria. I have to give her props for that.

Fewer than three hours ’til I get to go home. Thank goodness. I’m getting restless again. Must be an after lunch thing.


The Weather Outside is Frightful

This is my second time typing this, because when I went to hit backspace, it took me back several PAGES, thus erasing my original entry.

It took me an hour and a half to get to work this morning. Snow and accidents everywhere. Scary stuff.

I should move to Arizona.
Not so much.

Chris got back last night with lots of pictures. He had pictures of Hoover Dam. I didn’t want to see the dam pictures (haha). I have a dam problem (meehee). Seriously, dams freak me out a bit, so although the pictures were neat, I never, ever want to go there. His Vegas pictures totally made me miss it there. I WANT TO GO BACK!

I got all of my BMG CDs and I think I can go there and get more free ones! :) I think I have everything I want for now, and the ones I want; they are not offering. I want Anna Nalick’s CD, but it’s not even been released yet. Although, if I order it from amazon, they’ll give me a stream of the full album which would be sweet seeing as the release date of the album is April 19, 2005!

Did anyone watch American Idol last night? I missed it, I was at small group. I actually haven’t turned the TV on at home in ages. I’m not that into television lately. I might watch it tonight, we’ll see. I SHOULD play DDR.

Didn’t get much out of small group last night. :( I was starting to get crampy so I took four ibuprofen. That, coupled with a big dinner and also a visit to the chiropractor made me more than a little tired. I was in my own little world most of the night. I should have gone home and slept.

But oh well. That’s all for now.

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