Isn’t it weird?

I feel like I really need to pour out my heart… but when I think about it, there’s nothing left. At least, not right now….


Wow, so my mood has seemed to stabilize at about “meh.” That’s what I’ve been telling people all day anyway.

Person: Hi! How are you doing?
Ronni: Meh.
Person: Meh?
Ronni: Yeah. Just “Meh.”

Someone demanded that I have a good day every once in a while. Mmm yeah. I’ll get right on that.

I ate way too many Spaghetti-Os for lunch and now I have heartburn. I also feel sick to my stomach, and I didn’t eat more than five teaspoons of chili for dinner. I’m not hungry at all. Thirsty for sweet, sugary-filled drinks, though. Like, right now I’m drinking a “tornado” of sorts–icee, 7up, and Hawaiian Punch. Mmm.