Wow, so my mood has seemed to stabilize at about “meh.” That’s what I’ve been telling people all day anyway.

Person: Hi! How are you doing?
Ronni: Meh.
Person: Meh?
Ronni: Yeah. Just “Meh.”

Someone demanded that I have a good day every once in a while. Mmm yeah. I’ll get right on that.

I ate way too many Spaghetti-Os for lunch and now I have heartburn. I also feel sick to my stomach, and I didn’t eat more than five teaspoons of chili for dinner. I’m not hungry at all. Thirsty for sweet, sugary-filled drinks, though. Like, right now I’m drinking a “tornado” of sorts–icee, 7up, and Hawaiian Punch. Mmm.

Greetings Ronica —

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, January 9:

Be kind to yourself. You’re happy with just a little, if that’s all you need to get by. You’d prefer not to attract attention, but you won’t drive away those who approach. Offers of friendship should be taken seriously

I think I should save that one. It’s an everyday occurance for me.

Okay, that’s all for now.

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