Chicago album is finally up!

A lot of the pictures you’ll recognize if you looked through Tyler’s album, but I added captions to mine. And there are a few different ones…
Hope you like them.

So, randomly. I went and got my oil changed, right? And the guy told me that everything in my car was perfect (good levels on the fluids, etc). I was kind of shocked because I was almost 10,000 miles over! THEN I got a $3.00 discount.

I have a feeling he thought I was pretty. :)

It’s so pretty! It’s after seven and the SUN is still out! I’m up in the loft and it’s so much fun. YAY!

Chris is downstairs saying random cusswords because he’s getting impatient with whatever project he’s doing. Freak.

The Bark is all done, I got gas (bloody hell, it cost me over $20 to fill my tank! $2.34 a gallon! Bloody ridiculous, it is!), got my oil change…hmm, what else was there to do? Oh yeah, I went to the library too. So I can relax and keep ripping CDs to put into my iPod. Yay.

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