I took the Yankee Test and I got:

“39% (Yankee). You are definitely a Yankee.”


My atb: Addicted to Music CD does not work. I tried it in three different CD players and got errors. I’m going to take it back but I doubt Best Buy will refund my money. I’m going to try exhanging it.

In case you missed it the first time around:
Do you want to see a video of Aidan acting silly? Clicky and download a zip file. Inside is an mpeg file, and it should work with any player. 9.31 megabyte download. :D My son is crazy! (In a good way!)

Went outside and ate my cheeseburger and tator tots (about which I got mercilessly teased about by one of the guys who works in the cafeteria since I get it so often), and it’s so beautiful! So warm and yummy. I cannot wait until 4pm, when I am FREE to enjoy this lovely weather. Car windows will be down, radio will be loud. And I will be happy.

The Grove is tonight. It’s going to be in the Sanctuary instead of room 250, which will be an interesting change.

I have a new weakness. Cosmetics. Not just any cosmetics. Expensive ones.

KEEP ME OUT OF MACY’S, SAKS, NORDSTROM, AND THE LIKE!!! Please, for the sake of my wallet!!!!

Chris is going crazy in the house. Now the kitchen has a Southwestern feel to it–very nice. Warm-like. Not sure what he plans to do next. I guess he’s planning on having all these projects done before little Booba gets back from his grandmommy’s. Plus, we’re getting air conditioning. But not from Atlas Butler. They’re insanely expensive! So the house will continue to undergo dramatic changes over the next several days.


(or twelve)

Okay then. ‘Til later.

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