Had a good Sunday today. :)

First, there was church. I did drive separately which ended up working out really well because I spent most of my day with Bizzy. Church, lunch and Max & Ermas with the gang, and then Bizzy came along with Chris, Aidan, and me to the Hocking Hills area. We only went to two places – Cedar Falls, and Old Man’s Cave. Cedar Falls was more like a trickle. Rumor has it that if one goes at the right time, the waters are crazy and rushing. No such things this time, but Old Man’s Cave was pretty neat.

Before I get to the pictures, let me just say that I LOVE giving someone unexpected surprises and seeing their reactions, especially if they’re very appreciative. It makes my day and makes giving so much fun.


Bizzy and Aidan being naughty.

Cedar Trickle… er, Falls.

Me and Bizzy.

Just me. :)


Pretty random flower.

Whale rock formation. Can you see it?

The Old Man’s Cave Sphinx head. Cool, huh?

Aidan (to the tune of Don’t Cha by PCD): don’t ya gulfren poop like me

I won’t even talk about the variations that Chris and Bizzy gave to the song. Let’s just say that I will never be able to listen to it with a straight face again.

Some of the best parts of the day?

– Giving Jon C. his birthday present(s). :D & <3 - Max & Erma's for lunch! YUM! :þ - Singing rock songs REALLY LOUDLY with Bizzy in the car. - Meeting Jack the dog. - Cuddling with Holly the cat. YAY for Yummy Sundays. Night!:)

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