Cinderella came today! :) I was so happy. I have a new pin to add to my collection, and I gave Aidan the three stuffed mice that came with it. Aidan and I spent the evening together. First we went to the new Target, then we watched Cinderella and had chicken nuggets and tator tots (special french fries to Aidan), and LOTS of Froot Loops.

I got a new book: The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things. It’s good, but right now it’s really sad.

Aidan doesn’t call himself Ah-Ahn anymore. He says a-DEN. His speech is improving more and more everyday and I simply LOVE having conversations with him. I also love it when he says “EWWWW!”

I thought work would be horrible today, but it honestly wasn’t that bad. I spent more time at the copier than ever, and once my pages start pouring in, it’s going to be worse for me ALL THE TIME. But today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, thank goodness. Plus I had a yummy lunch with Kelle Belle (itskels).

Every day in email, I get these things called “The Daily Ohm.” They’re full of great spiritual advice and things of that nature. One of them spoke of media fasting. That is cutting oneself off from TV, radio, internet and such for a certain period of time. I’d considered maybe cutting myself off from the internet and email for a season. Okay, not an OFFICIAL season, but for a certain amount of time. A weekend or so. I’ll have to think about that.

Baby shower tomorrow. WOO-HOO.

The weather is getting cooler. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 58º F. :( Good-bye summer.

I need to get some sweaters. Chris thinks I should just pull mine out of the closet, but they’re all misshapen and stuff. My body keeps changing so much that my sweaters rarely look right from one year to the next. How depressing, huh? I feel fat again. Gross and fat. :(


I’m so glad the weekend is here. Although this week seems to have gone fairly quickly. YAY for that. :)

I think.

Okay. I’m going to read. G’night!

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