I’m home alone on a Saturday night AGAIN, but this time I chose it. Chris and Aidan are hanging out at Holly’s, and I’m here nerding around on the computer.

I updated my photo album: HERE are my summer 2005 pictures, and HERE are my California/Disneyland pictures. You may have seen a lot of them, but there are definitely some surprises thrown in both albums. Enjoy and comment here, please. :)

Today I went to a baby shower for my friend Jenny E. She’s a cutie, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, I was getting that feeling again–you know, the one where you’re not sure if you’re really wanted? I don’t know if it was my imagination (more than likely it was) or if it was actually true. I know me, though. I get hypersensitive about everything and after Wednesday, I’m even worse. Even still, I do have a few


The table where I sat. Can you find me?

Here is the mom-to-be. Honestly, I think this is a gorgeous picture but SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT. HUH???

I enjoy the candid photos so much more than the posed ones. Don’t you agree?

The roses growing in my yard are so pretty. Chris says he got them at Wal-mart for $2.50 a bush. Look at what $2.50 can get you:

Pretty yellow rose

Not bad, huh? Next year, I want loads of colors, roses everywhere. Fresh cut flowers everywhere.

Ah, but we have to get through winter first. :( It’s growing so cold outside. I’m wearing sweaters and my leather jacket. OH MY STARS. Chris actually turned the heat on today. I know, right? This, coming from a person who suggested we keep the heat at 64º F all winter. 64º F!! That’s INSANITY. One needs a jacket outside when it’s in the lower 60s. WHY would I want to wear a jacket in my house??? I like it around 72º F or 73º F. If it’s really cold, 75º F. So we compromised with 70º F. I think that’s reasonable. I’ll still need blankets, but at least you won’t see my breath.

I’ll leave you with a random picture of me from Life Group on Wednesday:

Yes, I know. Lord, help this chile.


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