I don’t know if I posted these pictures yet. Last week, Brutus Buckeye and the Ohio State cheerleaders were doing a Meet & Greet at Meijer. Aidan, a big Buckeyes fan, had a blast. I guess I did too:

Giving Five!

Me & Brutus!
Me with Brutus. I was sick that day, so I look like a big dork.

I’m turning into my aunt. My mom always called her Scatterbrained, and she always teased about how we are so much alike:

1. Underwear has to match outfit.
2. Hair rollers have to be perfect.
3. Thin.

Anyway, apparently, I am becoming scatterbrained as well. Let’s see. I lost my checkbook over the summer. I lost my wallet earlier this month. So…today I went to counseling, came out and realized that the park was beautiful (pictures soon, I promise) and the sun was out. So I got out my camera and took pictures. Then I noticed that I had no car keys. NO CAR KEYS. Ack. I didn’t panic too much. I retraced my steps 345874985 times. No keys. I called Chris and asked him to bring me the spare key. He did, and we retraced AGAIN. Nothing. Nada. My keys are gone.

I’m not too upset. Keys are replacable. Well, my footlocker key and treasure chest keys are not. :( But we can always find ways to break into THOSE locks. Thank God we had a spare key, though. :) And all of those little keychain cards–I have big versions of them in my wallet.

I have to be more careful about my things.

Jennifer (maids) came over (YAY!) and then we all rushed off to Bob Evans to meet David (who was in town from New York City) and his new friend Mallori. I dipped some french fries into gravy and fell in LOVE. Can someone tell me about poutine? Because I’m thinking the Canadians are on to a good thing with that.

After brunch, I had to rush off to counseling. You know that part, though. At least I got some amazing pictures, though.


Cute couple in the park.

Fiery leaves.

More fiery leaves.

Lamp post.

More here.

The best part is–I turned off the LCD screen and used the viewfinder–and took pictures the old fashioned way! :) I just like to see if I still have “it.” Heehee.

After Chris gave me the keys, Jennifer decided to ride back with me. She said “You know, I think I saw your keys in Barnes & Noble, we should check there.” HEEHEE. I love that store. I got an “&” symbol bookend (see one HERE), a Sarah Dessen book, and a Writer’s Digest magazine. OH and a David Arkenstone CD–the one with that song I LOVE! YAY for that. :)

We came home and pigged out again. Chris made meatballs, rice, peas and carrots. Yummmy. :) Jennifer left shortly after because she was tired, and Chris went ice skating. Aidan and I stayed here and watched Shrek. I’d been trying to get him to watch it with me for months now, so I was thrilled. He loved it, was totally captivated and even gave Shrek and Fiona each a kiss (via the TV screen, of course).

Last night was fun, too. A group of us went to Boo at the Zoo at the Columbus Zoo, then to Max & Erma’s for a late dinner. We had a lot of fun. It was VERY brisk out, but Aidan got a lot of treats, there were a ton of laughs, pictures taken (of course!), and just general fun times. I’m glad I went. :)

Kristen, Mr. Matt, and Me!!

Pond at the zoo.

Back Row: Garth, Kelly, Me
Front: Kim, Mr. Matt, Tricia, Kristen, and Megan
(Rob was taking the picture, and Chris and Aidan were looking at the fish)


The Fam. (LOVE the random kid in the back…)

Dramatic tree at night.


My son just learned what an ampersand is. I am so proud. :) Now he wants to see tons and tons of them. :O

I think it’s time for bed. Aidan is hanging on me like a little monkey.


(HOLY CRAP, my son can count to 15. When did this happen? Last week, he could only count to nine).


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