I got to see Bizzy not one, but TWO nights in a row. YEE HAW! That’s always good and fun! Last night, she and Craig both came over and we watched A Christmas Story, ate good food, ate Jello cake, and just hung out and had a good time. We’d planned on putting up the tree but never got around to it.

Chris called me today at work and said that he’d put up the tree and put on the lights and the beads. It was up to me to finish up. Bizzy had mentioned she wanted to help me decorate so I called her and asked her to come over. She did! We ate spaghetti, watched Mickey’s Magical Christmas, sang Christmas songs (YEAH for Harry Connick Jr!) and decorated the tree. In the meantime, Aidan was being absolutely darling. He woke up from his nap in a great mood and has been generally incredible all evening (he’s still being very cute and good-natured).

You should have seen him decorating the tree and then saying “My Christmas Tree!!” Lookee!

Yes, he is pantless. *sigh*

Nativity Scene

The fireplace

Entertainment Center

The Almighty Banana

The TREE!! :D

I have hit a 2nd wind, it seems. I probably should not have taken that cat nap this afternoon, but I couldn’t resist! And I woke up to Aidan touching my cheek–how wonderful is that? I’m going to be tired, though. It’s already nearly one and I haven’t had my shower yet. I should get off of here soon. BUT here are a couple more pictures first:

Aidan and Bizzy. Too cool for you.

Aidan and Santa!!!! <3

My Jello Cake. Mmmmm.

Bizzy approving of the Jello Cake. Yeah!

Guess what? THE HOUSE IS CLEAN!!! :D:D:D

Okay, it’s time I go to bed. Good night. :)

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