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Your Mission, Values, Vision
I will write books that take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. I will write about unforgettable characters, unforgettable situations, and unforgettable themes. I will write about teens making the hard decisions, and following through with their choices. I will write about teens who fail. I will write about teens who succeed. I will write about teens who beat the odds. I will write about teens who are hurt, ashamed, happy, sad, laughing, crying, and utterly human. I will write books that touch people, haunt them, change them. I will never stop learning about my craft, my audience, and the people from which I draw inspiration.

Where are you in five years?
In five years, I will be living solely off of my writing. A lofty goal, but if I don’t dream it, I won’t ever do it.

What are your goals? Sales?
– Write and sell good books.
– Help others break into the field.

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Sometimes, Irony is too Great.

From astrology.com:

Greetings Ronica –

Here is your horoscope for Monday, January 9:

If you’ve always felt like you had the right to write, now is the time to get started. Read great books for inspiration. Talk with other people who are in the same boat. Then get your butt in the chair and get started.

Um… mrph? Ha ha ha.

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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