I’ve been going crazy, working on my two WIPs and really getting nowhere. I just can’t get the stories to gel the way I want, yet.

Therefore, I’m putting all writing on the back burner. Until October.

BUT I’m not going to stop myself if something hits me before then. But until October, all pressure is off. My agent has two books now, so I think it’s okay for me to rest a bit. Right?

I think I WILL work on character sketches and things like that to keep me in shape, but I won’t stress about writing a freakin’ novel. And I’ll always be updating my lilrongal journal, my private journal, and my written journal. I’ll be writing. Just not working. I think the break will be good.

October is a magic writing month for me. So there is no need to try to force it now.

*feels weight lift from chest*

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