I hate when I leave in the morning, and I’m about 1/3 of the way to work, and I start to panic.

Did I put the garage door down? Oh crap. I forgot to close the garage. Oh my God. People will steal all my shit. Crap, crap, crap.

But then, I got the bright idea to call my across-the-street neighbor aka Aidan’s part-time sitter. At first, I didn’t think she’d answer–they have this privacy blocker on their phone, all sorts of weird stuff–but I got through. She told me I’d put the garage door down.


I ate another grilled ham and cheese sandwich today for lunch. The bad thing is that I’d started craving the damn thing at 11pm last night. It was so good, I ate it in ten minutes.

Finished reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. It was a captivating book, but I didn’t get ANY closure at the end. That frustrated me.

I went to Best Buy to see if they had any of the three games I wanted in box form. They had NONE. Which is too bad because I have a reward zone certificate I need to redeem.

I’d considered joining my friends at Bon Vie to celebrate Caty’s birthday. But that’s like, $20 per person to eat there, and I’m feeling very cheap these days.

Then I thought about going to Barnes & Noble to pick up New Moon, but then I decided I didn’t feel like going, nor did I feel like spending the money. I’ll get it Wednesday, when I will have time to kill. It’s not as expensive as I thought it’d be, which is always a good thing.

Now, I will be a lazy, reading bum all evening. Ciao!

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