Quick(ish) update here for all two of my readers. Plus a meme. YAY memes.

I’ve been working a lot. Tomorrow promises to be a super long day, and it’s going to be a very long three weeks coming up.
I can’t believe it’s freakin’ May. Fewer 29 days until Aidan is here for the summer! I can’t wait!
It’s still pretty cold here, but it’s slowly, slowly warming up. And the trees are budding and there are flowers out and about.
I have officially become addicted to sushi. I crave it 2-3 times a week. This is not good for the wallet. At least it’s good FOR me. It’s soo good. Mmm, sushi.
Had an AMAZING yoga practice tonight. Yoga For Japan. All the proceeds benefit the tsunami/earthquake victims in Japan. There was a great asana practice and an outstanding kirtan led by Rich Logan, one of my favorite teachers. I don’t get to attend his classes anymore because they’re always during my work day. I needed it so badly. I just feel at home there.
I purchased an exercise bike. I mentioned it in past entries, but here are a few more details. I had my heart set on a treadmill, but when I went into Sears to look at treadmills in person and saw how MASSIVE they were, I thought “not even close.” I really like the bike! I also got an iFit card and I’ve been working my way through the workouts. Haven’t really lost any weight yet, but I feel good. I ended up getting the ProForm XP 185 U Upright Cycle. It’s the perfect size, and I can roll it out to watch TV while I am using it. I tend to watch America’s Next Top Model or Make it or Break It. Nothing like skinny girls to motivate me. Most of the time, I listen to Ricky Luna‘s Electro Bomba, which is really fast and makes me pedal way faster than the workout tells me to. I am often staring at the little target with a “SLOWER” message on it. Oh well.
I am having trouble managing diet and exercise. The exercise part has been easy. I’m not doing P90X or anything crazy like that, but I’m moving enough for now. The diet part is hard. I never eat enough. I just don’t get THAT hungry! And honestly, I am eating more and more these days because I’m hungry a lot more, it STILL doesn’t seem to be enough. But I have to listen to my body, and not to Sparkpeople on this one. It is nice to know that I don’t have to be so restrictive with my eating, but it’s hard to eat enough to meet the goals needed for me to stay healthy. Cause I’m just not hungry enough to eat that much food! I love food. I really do. But I guess I don’t eat enough of it? I dunno. Food issues. We go way back. *sigh*
I got a new camera, but I haven’t had time to really go out and take pictures of all the new life blooming in the neighborhood. I hope to get to do that this weekend.

I got a kick-butt deal on the new camera. I got the Canon EOS Rebel T3. It’s fantastic. Ever since my Disney trip in January, I wanted a new camera. My Canon EOS Rebel XT is six years old and is starting to act a bit buggy. I was ready for an upgrade. You do NOT want your main camera to poop out on you while you’re at Disney World, right? Anyway, I started researching and looking and saving. I was thinking of the Canon EOS Rebel XS. Then I was thinking of the T2i. But here is the cool part. See, for my job, I proofread Sears circulars. (I signed an NDA, so I can’t leak deals to anyone, so don’t even ask.) When I saw that the T3 would be on sale for 549.99 on May 1st, and also bundled with a lens for $649.98, I thought to myself “Hey, that’s sounds good. Let me check out some reviews.” The reviews were/are great! And as eager as I was to have a new camera, I knew that if i waited and was patient, I wouldn’t regret it. THEN, a couple weeks after I first read that ad, I was given a Friends and Family coupon for Sears that took place ON MAY 1st. 10% off electronics. THIS WAS JUST TOO PERFECT. Eerily perfect.

Went to Sears, of course the one we went to didn’t have the thing in stock. But the Blue Crew person called another Sears and confirmed they had it. I paid, and Adam and I headed over where I did the merchandise pickup. Easy peasy! After all was said and done, I ended up paying $649.91, including the camera with 18-55mm lens, a 70-300mm zoom lens, the memory stick, and all taxes. HOW OFTEN DO YOU END UP PAYING LESS THAN THE ADVERTISED PRICE for anything??? I was very happy with that. AND the best part is that it’s completely paid for. It’s nice not using credit cards.

May and June are going to be super busy for us. I have appointments scheduled, people coming into town, places to go, things to do. And I have to work on top of this. Schawk is going to be super busy the next several weeks, and Loyola work will be starting to ramp up soon as well. I’m going to be so tired, but I’m going to be saving, saving, saving.

Speaking of tired, I’m about run out of steam with this entry. Here is a quick Friday 5. Then I’m off.

Friday 5: New

Who in your life has most recently had a baby?
The most recently and closest to us would be Cassidy. Except little Lola is going to be one next month. ALREADY!

Who in your life has most recently purchased a car?
I’m going to go with Matt, Chris’s partner. Although this was several weeks if not months ago.

Who in your life has most recently lost a fair amount of weight?
Unfortunately, not me. My friend Amy has, though.

Who in your life has most recently gotten a terrific haircut?
Adam gets haircuts the most often.

Who in your life has most recently begun a new job?
I’m going to go with ME. I mean, it happened in October of 2010, but still.

Is time really going faster, or am I just perceiving it that way?

Anyway, I’m off to bed. I don’t get enough sleep anymore. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to work AND play. *BIG YAWN* Please forgive any typos. I proofread all day. Too tired to do it now.

Night, everyone!

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