Grrr. I was awakened by Lucy peeing on me this morning. Wonderful. NOT. My entire side of the bed is soaked now, cause Adam had to douse it with Nature’s Miracle. Thank goodness we have a guest room and an extra bed.

But you know how it is. Who wants to be uprooted from their bed at freaking 4am by a cat who walks right past a litter box so she can pee on your head?

So now I’m going to do a survey to try to stop being so damned pissed off.


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I hate football. I don’t give two shits about the Super Bowl.

But the upstairs neighbor is blasting his TV so loudly (I’m saying that every word can be heard clearly and it’s hurting my ears) that I’m going to be forced to listen to the stupid game all night, unless I leave.

I don’t like being forced to leave my apartment because people are inconsiderate.


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It Appalls Me…

…how most people simply don’t get how offensive the term WIGGER is.

And there is a Facebook group called I HATE WIGGERS. The bulletin board posts in that group are full of racism and hatred. People think so much have changed, but the truth is that there will always be *certain* people who will forever think they’re better than other certain people. This term, and its widespread acceptance, attests to that.

The term WIGGER is RACIST, people. It stands for WHITE NIGGER. The last I checked, NIGGER was extremely offensive, so why is WIGGER acceptable?????



ETA: Wow, I’m really surprised at the number of people who’ve never heard the term before. I’ve known about it for at least 15 years, so it’s been around at least that long. Wow.

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This month, I will have another birthday. I’ve been getting loads of mailings from places. They’re in nice, brightly colored envelopes. Some of them even look like cards! And they usually have printed on the outside:

A Birthday Gift For You!

I open it, to find a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase, or $10 off a $75 purchase!

What the ever-lovin’ hell?

Call me bitchy, but those are not gifts, those are coupons. A gift is $5 toward merchandise worth $5 or less. A gift is an ornament or a gift card for a pair of socks. A coupon for something I wasn’t going to spend money on anyway is NOT a gift, it’s a ploy to get me in the store to spend more than I ever wanted or planned, or a way for me to *think* the company is wishing me well when all it’s doing is trying to make more money.

They can keep those birthday wishes. And stop killing the trees they’re printing those “gifts” on while they’re at it.

* In case you can’t tell, I am in a BAD mood. >:( And as predicted, my sore throat is back, full force. I’ve given up on getting better, of ever being okay, on everything.

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