I WAS Falling Asleep, But…

The first one or two times one hears the neighbors going at it are funny. The next few times are annoying. Now it’s just getting OLD. I’m going to tell the rental office to tell them that I can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in their bedroom and if they don’t want to be embarrassed, they need to quiet down.

Granted, I hate to squelch people when they’re making love. But they have to realize that they don’t live in a house, they live in a complex with other people and therefore need to be respectful. I’m just glad Aidan was asleep. Any time he hears a strange sound, he asks “What was that noise?” It’s only a matter of time before he hears them and asks what those noises are.

And I wouldn’t be so annoyed by it if they didn’t WAKE ME UP with their sounds of passion. I sleep with a volcano on and a noise machine, and I can hear them over that.

So now, they’re sleeping in their post-coital bliss, and I am wide awake on a Sunday night.

THAT is maddening.

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Nothing Much

Been spending the evening combing the net looking for freelance copy editing jobs. Writing jobs, too. Anyone know of anyone who needs proofing or editing? Refer them to me. My fees are competitive.

Now I am hungry, but unsure of what I want to eat. Okay, who am I kidding? I want spaghetti. Ha. But the kitchen is a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning it. Bah.

Has anyone ever noticed that when a company is supposed to give you money, they take their sweet time with it, but if you owe them money, they’re on it like white on rice? Grrrr.

I found my postage stamps again. I hope that’s a sign that things are looking up.

Lucy is curled into a grey donut in front of my bookcase.

I haven’t turned my Christmas tree lights on in two days.

I have a new cold sore.

Vendors keep sending goodies to work. Today, Setting Pace sent smoked salmon and cheddar cheese, among other things. I had three pieces of cheese.

I got a box from crimsonghost_oh full of Nag Champa goodness. I shall burn some now.

Oh, and and a $25 gift card to Best Buy!!!!!! And a Toys R Us one for Aidan!!! YAY!!!!!! What a surprise! :)

I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.

See ya.

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Everything’s settling down now.
Thank goodness.

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I think it’s time, after nearly ten years, to get rid of AOL.

Here are the reasons I’m unhappy with them now:

1. They’ve started putting ads in the ACTUAL email message window.
2. The emails will not load unless the ads load first. The ads only work about 30-40% of the time. This includes the emails in the filing cabinet as well.
3. Graphics are always broken.
4. The software infiltrades machines like a slime mold. Getting into all the cracks and crevices, making it about impossible to uninstall.
5. I can get through about three emails before I have to reboot AOL again. And again. And again.
6. The browser never works anymore, either.

I’m about fed up with it. I PAY for the damn service, I sure as hell don’t want to see ads in my messages, and furthermore, I don’t appreciate my emails not loading because the damn ads aren’t loading. That’s BULLSHIT.

And I’m pretty sure AOL is the one selling my email address to the spammers, then trying to get me to buy their premium software. Just what I need, more stuff to clog up my already fragile computer.

Took me forever to get rid of the AOL Safety & Security Center. I mean, I already have McAfee. Don’t need two programs running.

So yes, I think it’s time to bid adieu to AOL. Maybe hold on to it for a bit, have an auto-responder giving out my new email address (I’m thinking my gmail account, although I’m kind of wary about storing everything on a server… WAIT, I can have gmail do POP. DUH.), and then I’ll cancel it. Because they are doing their customers WRONG.

Okay, I’m really not pissy, but I did have to rant about that.

Nighty-night! :)

ETA: Hmm. A lot of the problems seem to have been solved by getting rid of that pissy IE 7 and going back to 6. :D Apparently, AOL doesn’t like IE 7 and to be honest, neither do I. Okay, bedtime for real. Byeee!

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