I’m still shaken. I walked to the library today and just felt…ANGRY and nervous and suspicious of every single person I saw on the street. I took everything out of my wallet/purse thing except for my driver’s license. Then I worried that I’d get jumped because of all the Tiffany jewelry I wear. I’m considering removing it all and going bare or going back to wearing my costume stuff. I’m not getting joy out of anything right now. It’s like, this huge shadow over me. I just don’t feel secure anymore.

Does this ever pass?

Because I’m having a very hard time trying to get back to normal life right now.

Took the day off again today. I lay in bed and relaxed and read and relaxed and napped. It was awesome and so needed. It’s hard to motivate myself to go into work when I feel so crappy, and when there’s not much to do. But I’ll definitely be back tomorrow. I have to turn in my time card. Ha.

Aidan’s on his way over. His dad has a meeting to go to, so I’ll be spending the evening with my little boy. We’ll probably watch PowerPuff Girls. I purposely held on to that movie for a while. I plan to buy it for him soon, as he is on this PPG kick lately.

Been having weird thoughts about weird things I’ve never thought I’d have thoughts about again, ever. Kind of fleeting, kind of not. It’s kind of scary, the way my thoughts have been going. But I’ll stop worrying about it now, because there actually IS nothing to be worried about.


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What a morning.

I woke up, got ready, made my lunch, and headed out to my car. Noticed some things missing from the console area—my brand new iPod for one, and my really retro sunglasses. I sat there and puzzled and puzzled how someone could have gotten that stuff out, then noticed one of my windows was smashed. The back right window. Then I noticed that my console was messed up a bit—the scum-sucking low-life had tried to get out my stereo but couldn’t. Now, Aidan’s booster seat is covered in glass, which pisses me off. I had to take today and tomorrow off from work.

But I have friends who came through for me in big ways. And the repair cost for the window is barely a dent. The place is right next door to me (literally). And today and tomorrow are unpaid days, but because of my friends, I don’t have to worry about the $ situation due to taking the unpaid days off.

I’m gonna be okay. As soon as I can shake this violated and no-longer-safe feeling, and the stomachache and the headache from the stress. Oh yeah, and the beating up myself because I was dumb enough to leave the iPod in my car in the first place. I swear, I’m so fucking stupid sometimes.

I’m just glad my computer wasn’t in the car.

** Update (with pictures) about my adventures with meimeigui coming soon. Right now, I’m just too tired on many levels to think about it much. But I do have to say that she was the most beautiful bride I have ever, ever, ever seen. Ever.

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Been up since 5am, after having gotten to sleep after 1am. Long work day ahead, plus weekend with Aidan. No money to buy caffeine products (not like it works anyway).

Wondering how I’m going to survive the next 15 hours. :(

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Dear Columbus Drivers (especially those in mini-vans, Cadillacs, and Lexuses),

Is it really too much to ask you that when you’re on a highway where the speed limit is 65MPH, to go at least that much?? Especially if there is no traffic, the weather is clear, and there is no one in front of you? And… can I please ask you not to hit your brakes every few feet? Because see, it’s really annoying. I don’t understand why you need to slow down when you’re already going too slow. I mean, is your cell phone conversation that important that you have to hold up traffic?


Dear Jerk Ass Columbus-area Drivers of SUVs That are Way Bigger Than You’ll EVER Need In This City,

Stop acting like you can make your own damn rules on the road. When you see someone needing to merge on the freeway, don’t speed up and try to keep them from coming on, thus forcing them onto an exit they didn’t want to take. That’s just mean and being a bully, which is probably the reason you bought the stupid thing in the first place.


Dear ODOT,

Can you please come down here and do something to the entrance-exit systems on many of the Columbus roads? Because the way they’re set up is really annoying. Someone gets on a ramp, but about 500 feet ahead is an exit back on to the road one just got off of. If aforementioned SUV-drivers are doing their thing, someone can be easily forced BACK on the freeway from which he or she came, thus causing lots of frustration and agitation. Traffic is not lightening up around here. The vehicles are getting bigger and meaner. More and more people are settling in the city. Rush hour is turning into rush HOURS. More efficient entry-exit systems are needed. Desperately.

Common Sensely,

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