The three things survey…

Three things that scare me:
Fire, tornadoes, storms

Three people who make me laugh:
Chris, Josh, Tami

Three things I love:
Aidan, spaghetti, shopping

Three things I hate:
Platitudes, cigarette smoke, being cold

Three things I don’t understand:
Onions, Bush, life

Three things on my desk:
Monitor, keyboard, printer

Three things I’m doing right now:
Listening to music, this survey, breathing

Three things I want to do before I die:
Publish a novel, go to Japan, own an Audi TT

Three things I can do:
Write, dance, photography

Three ways to describe my personality:
Fun-loving, insecure, sensitive

Three ways to describe my looks:
Cute, big nose, gold hair

Three things I can’t do:
Let go, swim, eat onions and enjoy them

Three things I think you should listen to:
Your heart, God, music

Three things I don’t think you should listen to:
Lies from the Evil One, More lies from the Evil One, the rest of the lies from the Evil One

Three things I say the most:
Banana, that’s cool, sweet

Three of my absolute favourite foods:
Spaghetti, double chocolate chunk Rice Krispies Treats, bacon

Three things I’d like to learn:
Swim, play piano, gymnastics

Three beverages I drink regularly:
Kool-Aid, Tropicana Twister, water

Three shows I watched when I was a kid:
Punky Brewster, Growing Pains, Full House

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