Went to Aurora yesterday. It was fun. Got great things from Mommy and Greg–a Mickey Mouse anniversary clock, a bath basket set, a teeshirt, bath stuff, plaques, and the $100 gift card. Aidan was SPOILED. He got a bike! He loves it, too! :) We went to the outlet stores at Aurora Farms and I got a few things at Gap–a new scarf, hat and glove set, and some nail polish. Oh and a cute new purse too. I used my $25 gift card and only had to pay $14 out of my account.

I woke up this morning intending to go to church. Then Aidan woke up and started crying. So Chris went and got him, and Aidan wanted to cuddle with me. So I did! :) Then I changed his diaper and decided not to go to church. I’d even put my pajamas back on. So Aidan and I cuddled in the bed for a while. But then he turned back to normal Aidan and I was able to go. While I was getting ready, Bizzy otaku_witch called and said she’d meet me at church. WooHoo, I love hanging with her!!! :) In short, I was pretty late to church, but got enough out of the message. Bizzy, Katie live4himalways, and I went to lunch at Burger King, then Bizzy and I shopped for a bit. I got 2 pairs of running pants, a shirt, 4 camis, and a bag. I LOVE shopping. :D And I LOVE Bizzy!!!

Went to Chad & Christy’s for dinner–we had a yummy spaghetti bake thingy. Chad’s parents were there. They’re sooo funny. Especially the story about “f*cky kitty.” Ha ha ha! I fell asleep there. I do that a lot, their couches are so comfortable. Aidan was sleeping on me, which was awesome. I love when he sleeps on me!! :) Right now, he’s “playing” a computer game. It’s so cute. He’s loving it, and learning his letters in the process. OOo, now I want to buy him more games! :) He’s so adorable, sitting at the computer and smiling! I <3 Aidan! :) So, I wonder what I am going to spend my Best Buy cards on? I think I have about $125 dollars left. Hmmm. I was thinking DVDs or CDs or something. I don't know. We'll see. I have a slight headache and a backache too. I think I need to get a tremendous amount of rest. But I don't know when that will happen. I'm so busy and full of mental energy and dealing with something sort of stressful and very personal so all of that is kind of taking its toll on me and dang it, I need to take my medication. Tomorrow, I have to do laundry. Oh brother. SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Lord, help me. Also, Irena is coming over to eat spaghetti and hang out, and I'm looking forward to that! :) I AM SO HAPPY I DON’T HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW!

This was one of my horoscopes from yesterday:
Some are optimistic, but you feel only exhaustion. Your reach is still long, but your arms are tired. Maybe you don’t have to run such a big empire. Relax your grip and let some of it slide through your fingers.

HAHA, how true was that? I wonder if the horoscope writers read my livejournal? Heh. I doubt it, but it’s still pretty funny.

I have lots of pictures to upload again. Should be fun.

That’s it for now. Byeeee!

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