Bills are paid! Many of them in full!!! YEA!!

Checkbook is balanced!

Prescription refill ordered!

Ordered new CDs!

No plans for tonight, so possibly early to bed again?

OR a date with Aeropostale?

It stopped raining??!?!?!?!? Finally?

WOW. And today started off kind of crummily too. :)

I really want to get my “Friends” scrapbook started sometime in 2005. I wonder if that will ever happen? I have so many pictures I need to get printed. That’s going to cost me a fortune. But it’s worth it.

Mmyeah, checking out the Meijer sales. Orange juice, buy one get one free. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I have not been able to get enough orange juice the past few days. Ragu, buy one get one free. Spaghetti, anyone? Bacon, buy one get one free. Oh yeah, baby. Grape juice! What?? Meatballs??? Fruit snacks? Holy cow. And HoHos are on sale!!!! Yeah, I might have to stop there. Well, there is no *might* there. I have to stop there to get my medicine–but I’ll go tonight if it’s not raining and if Aidan is in a good mood. :D


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