I cleaned the family room last night, and all of my efforts were in vain. Aidan got highly pissed at me and spent a good fifteen minutes or so throwing anything he could get his hands on. So the family room is a mess again. Bugger.

I couldn’t find my watch, so I’m wearing Aidan’s Bob The Builder watch. I also couldn’t find my work shoes, so I have on my $9 Champion shoes (pink & grey).

Today is so WEIRD.

I’m hungry and I think that McDs is the way to go for me today. ALTHOUGH Nibbles has mac & cheese and BBQ chicken sammiches. AND WEDDING SOUP! So yeah, forget McDs. I’m going to Nibbles. :P

Had a bad dream this morning. :( A bit on edge about some things. Meeting with boss #1 went okay today. Boss #2 is out of the office “getting the tsumani” out of his basement.

I can’t find my work ID. The master bedroom is a falldown mess.

Digressing a bit.

Is it healthy to go through life always expecting and dreading the worst, so that when something better happens, the relief is greater? ‘Cause that’s how I live and I’m not so sure if that’s the best way.

I’m in need of a Becky/Emily/Bizzy fix.

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