…sense that something is weird, changing, or not right and ask if everything is okay.

The ones that only care about being right spend all of their time rebuking and correcting.

The ones that really care are persistant in making sure their friend is well.

The ones that couldn’t give a banana hide or ignore. Or worse, blame the one who is hurting.

The ones that are truly concerned will do almost anything to help.

The ones who couldn’t care less are only concerned at how this is affecting them and/or how this is making them look as an individual, as a group, as a leader, as a whole.

At least, that’s been my experience.

“Are you okay? Because I’ve been noticing this and I don’t think it looks good or reflects well…your behavior is cause for concern…do you think you’re glorfiying GOD?”

F*** YOU! You don’t give a crap about anything but yourself and your agenda! So do us both a favor and leave me alone.

I want to be the kind of person who really cares.

disclaimer – this is not aimed at any particular person. just letting out some pent up frustration here…

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