I’d be frightened if I got chosen for What Not To Wear, but I can totally see it happening. Well, I don’t think my friends would ever turn me in, because they compliment me up and down on the things I wear. But I have a feeling the people on the show would tell me to stop dressing so “young” and try to get me to dress more “my age” and more “sophisticated.” Ew!

Although, I would not mind $5,000 for new clothes. Especially designer clothes.

Please, no one nominate me. Feel free to nominate Chris, however.

Today at church, someone told me I’m hot. This is the third time someone has told me that in the past 2 weeks. THEN she said that not only the girls think so. (!!) That’s so cool. Haha.

I’m hungry. And I’m sleepy. But dang it, if I take a nap now, I’ll never go to sleep tonight. And that is not a good thing.

Church was weird. I was sitting there absolutely fighting with myself. Wanting to reach out, CRY out to God, but not being able to, really. All I have to say is that Emily yoimemily is amazing and YES Emily I’m going to email you today, I PROMISE. Becky–you’re too great for words. Biz–thanks for looking out.

We have too many darn Girl Scouts in this neighborhood!! We’ve been solicited FIVE times this weekend. And I have a feeling there will be more. Now, I LOVE Girl Scout cookies, and I used to complain about never getting asked if I wanted to buy some. Well. Be careful what you ask for, eh?

Okay. I have tons of emails to answer. I should maybe get on those… or something. :)

PS Armani Mania cologne smells AWESOME!

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