Tonight, I went straight to Easton from work because I knew I’d be meeting Megan (megnita) there later. She called as I was parking and said she could come early. YAY. I shopped a bit before she got there. In Wet Seal, they had shawls on sale for $4.99 each, marked down from $35. I got two, a black one and a white one. I’m ALWAYS cold, so I figured I could use them year round.

I went to Bath and Body Works, where they had restocked some of my favorite scent (the one they’re discontinuing – Night Blooming Jasmine) for the sale bins. Only this time, there was more than shower gel. I got some body cream, lotion, and body spray and a few more shower gels. I need to stock up before they’re all gone!

Then I headed to The Gap, where I went to look for a coat. I went in, not really expecting to find any, and if I did, expecting to spend $70 for one. Well, get this folks. I found the exact one I wanted for $35. THEN I looked down and saw The Warmest Jacket. In PINK. I grabbed it and thought “I’ll get two coats for what I was planning on paying for one!” Mind you, I’d forgotten about my 30% discount at this point. I went up front to pay (and that’s when Megan came in!) and I realized The Warmest Jacket was only $29. TOTAL, with my discount? A little over $47. All the frustration in finding a coat? WORTH IT. I’m very happy now. :D

But I wasn’t done. I ate dinner with Megan at Max & Ermas and it was very yummy (and didn’t make me sick tonight!) She got tortilla soup, I got the chicken parmesan meal. For dessert, we split a big-ass piece of chocolate cake. Yumm. I drank three glasses of lemonade.

After dinner, she and I braved the rain drops and headed to Express. I had a gift card and wanted to use it! THEY were having a sale too!! Red signs everywhere. I got two pairs of editor pants–one pink, the other beige, a sweater, a pair of earrings, and a tank top. :)

Megan and I said our goodbyes (I was sad to see her go, I truly had a wonderful time with her and can’t wait to hang out with her again!) and then I went to Target. I got the CUTEST alarm clock. It looks like a retro radio. My old clock–I’d had it for ten years and Aidan poured juice on it, rendering it useless. I was so sad. But I like my new clock! It’s so cool. I also got this neat book called Girls Rule by Ashley Rice. It’s full of inspirational tidbits and self-esteem boosters and God knows I could always use some of that. Plus, it’s PINK! It’s meant for younger girls and teens, but oh gosh. I think it’s great for all women. I mean…my gosh, it’s like she watched me and picked out the words to say, plopped them in a book, then put that book in my path when I was strolling Target today. Amazing.

I got a lot of pink stuff today.

Well, I think I’m going to relax and dork around a bit. Later, folks!

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