So, I went to lunch, REALLY needing to decompress and relax and just take it easy. I got a roast beast sammich on wheat with lettuce and mustard, salad, Sun Chips, and chocolate cake.

I ate a lot!

Then I read. My lunchtime novel is called Retail Therapy and it’s hilarious. I ate and read and totally relaxed and listened to Aria in my iPod and I’m now totally chill.

THEN to make things better, I ran into the cute IT guy as I was heading to the elevator. What a pretty man.

AND the sun is out! Oh, and Wicked is in for me at the library. I’m going to pick it up after work.

:) I feel loved. THREE invites for me tonight. Everyone wants a piece of me. Heehee. Considering that a year ago I felt unbelievably alone, this is amazing and wonderful.

It’s nice to feel happy again. Maybe I can make it last a little bit longer this time.

P.S. I want the “Defy Gravity” baseball t-shirt from the Ozdust Boutique.

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