I went to church this morning. I was feeling so down and so far from God–so upset and angry and bitter over things I wasn’t even sure about. I walked in with no expectations. Sat in the back corner, and was pleasantly surprised when Emily (yoimemily) jumped from her seat and sat by me, and proceeded to keep me in stitches for the entire service. Here I was, feeling guilty about going to church to see my friends and He used one of my friends to make me feel loved and special and wonderful. Emily, you truly are amazing. I hope you realize that.

I won’t stop going completely, at least for now. But I have to find where I need to be, I need to find MY connection to Jesus. I just wish I knew how…

Topher, (starstrangled83), thanks for coming here to encourage a stranger. Your words meant a lot to me. :)

So, after church, I made my way to Polaris Mall. I was supposed to meet Kelle Belle (itskels) at two, but I got there at 1:35. I went to Aeropostale and picked up a few cute things, then I went to the Wet Seal that was going out of business and got a tank top for $2.99. I met Kelle Belle there, and we went to JCPenny (HUGE sale), Kaufmanns (meh), Gap, and a few other places. We ate dinner together at Carrabbas, but before that, we decided to go to the Wine Tasting place and have a sample.

MOVE OVER CONCORD. MOVE OVER PEACH STUFF. My new baby is ICE WINE from the Debonne Vineyards. Oh my gosh. It is sooo good. I bought a bottle even though it cost $31. I have NEVER tasted wine so delicious. It’s like concord with white grapes, but better. Oh wow. OH WOW. WOWEEE. Kelle found a wine she liked too. I mean.. WOW. Now, the Ice Wine is a small amount and I’ll try to control myself and not try to drink it all in one night. I can’t buy that stuff regularly–it’s a bit expensive. But very delicious and very worth it. It’ll be a treat for me, that’s for certain. I’ll bet it’s rare too, ice wines are not easy to make. But man, are they yummy.

Hmm. I feel hungry. Again. I ate a huge meal at Carrabbas, but I want more. OH man, I am so glad I don’t have to work tomorrow. But I do have chiropractor and I have to go and sign some paperwork somewhere… but the most important thing is that I get to hang out with EMILY at some point tomorrow. THAT I am looking forward to. Oh yes. :D

And… GO HERE!!. This man is gorgeous and talented and the nicest guy in the world. Download the mp3. Good stuff. I used to be so in love with him. Give him some support and love. :D

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