I’d been craving scrambled eggs for weeks now. This morning, I finally went down and got a ham, egg, and cheese croissant sammich. YUMMY. I ate it in seven minutes.

I miss Aidan! I want to hug him and squeeze him and feel him patting my cheek. But I know next week this time I’ll be crying for my freedom again. I will miss the lack of responsibilty once he’s back, don’t get me wrong. But not having him here for so long is weird. He’ll be back this weekend, though.

So I’d better enjoy doing nothing while I can!!

– locate checks or order new ones
– CD for mom in law
– download new music to iPod
– upload pictures to Snapfish (if it’ll let me!)

I think there is more, but darned if I can remember.

And Chris doesn’t like the ice wine. HAHA, YES! It’s all MINE!!!!! :D

More later.

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