I got home yesterday evening and slept. First, I stopped at the library and turned in a boatload of books, then I went home and slept! :) Quite nice. I slept until about 11ish, then I used the bathroom, and went back to sleep. Got up at around 3:45am, took a shower, got on the computer, and chatted with Aimzy liesandpromises until 5ish. Then I went back to sleep, and got up at my regular time of 6:40am.

Taking those naps call for weird dreams. I remember having a long one about Tyler, one about getting a special/grill order at some fast food restaurant, and one where I was home and something like a tsumani was coming to wash the house away–only the tsunami ended up receeding and there was the regular yard again.

My email is all caught up! How thrilling is that? I mean, there is nothing in my inbox. :) or :( depending on how you look at it.

A guy at work randomly gave me a Bellagio note pad. Last week, he’d given me a Bellagio pen. It’s little and gold and cute. He also gave me some Vegas pamphlets. Maybe I need to go there again. Or Disneyworld. I REALLY want to go to Disneyworld again. Like NOW. Or actually, not until the off-season comes up again. Like Mayish again. But even earlier May than we went this year. I really want to be there when it’s even less busy than it was for us. :D

I should clean tonight. I really should. But do you think I will? Not likely. I mean, I’m going to dump all the trash and do some cleaning, but as far as heavy-duty? Yeah, I doubt it.

And I have to do my hair before the weekend is out. It looks like crap.

I am broke. B-R-O-K-E. Payday can’t get here quickly enough.

‘Til later…

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