My friend swankivy posted something along the lines of that as writers, we’re pretty much masochists. I am doing some thinking and it’s true.

There are people out there who completely disrespect what writers do. They think it’s stupid, a waste of time. I am not sure where their opinions are founded, for writers influence every aspect of their lives. Whether it’s the instruction manual they are using for their hairdryers or the movies they watch in the theatre or on Lifetime Television for Women or those songs they listen to on the radio, writers and writing is everywhere.

Many people think that writing is easy.

Writing is not easy!

For me, writing is like bleeding onto the keyboard and/or computer screen. It drains my emotions, it makes me crazy and moody and a bit psychotic if you ask me. And yet, I cannot stop doing it. I love it and I hate it too. It’s like a compulsion, a drive that I cannot control. And I LOVE every second of it.

Writing. Then rewriting. Editing. Proofreading. I can’t wait to get home every evening, bust out my laptop and let my imagination run wild. I love those times when everything clicks and the fingers are flying over the keyboard and I’ve relaxed and I can’t stop even if I want to.

It’s joy. So much joy. I am scared of it, but I will keep on.

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