Squash the urge to splurge — in fact, pinch every penny. Make a cup of coffee at home instead of spending a couple bucks on a latte, and bank your spare change. A bigger, better cause is en route.

BAHAHAHA!! I have to laugh at the 2nd one because it’s SO TRUE!!! Well, I hope the bigger, better cause thing is true. But I do need to pinch pennies. No fun, but temporary.

Okay, WOW. Um, I think I saw the most pimped out semi-tractor ever. It had all these funky lights on it, and the back said ‘DR. FEELGOOD.’ So, why was the first thought that ran through my head: “Mental note. NEVER get into that truck while hitchhiking.” Um.. okay.

I feel a little bit better today. I don’t know. It’s like weather and climate. My emotional weather is mostly cloudy. My emotional climate is cloudy with a 50% chance of rain (that would be tears). I feel that way overall, but my emotional weather changes moment by moment. God, I hope I can snap out of this soon. It’s SUMMER for banana’s sake!

Time is not running out as quickly as I anticipated on a certain thing (YAY). I feel a burden lift there. Seems like I have something booked all the time and it’s frustrating sometimes. I need to figure out a balance and also what I want. When I’m alone, I want friends. When I am busy, I want to be alone. I need to make up my mind or something. Ack.

I had a lot of stuff to write, but it’s escaping me now. So I think I shall mosey on off to bed. G’night.

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