I am wearing my grey contacts today because I left my clear ones in the car and couldn’t find my glasses. If they annoy me too much, I’ll put my clear ones in later. Does anyone else have this problem when wearing colored contacts? Like, they float around? I feel like I’m seeing spots. Also, since they float around, people HAVE to be able to tell they’re fake.

Acuvue 2 just doesn’t work for me as colored contacts go. Too bad, cause grey looks very dramatic on me.

My Wishlist:

Spectromagic Soundtrack
Wishes Soundtrack
Mickey Stapler
Mickey Ankle socks
Illuminations – Tapestry of Magic Soundtrack
Mickey Mouse Window Decal

There is also a Spectromagic cast member pin and I WANT IT. Might I be a bit obsessed with Spectromagic?

You betcha! And darn proud of it, too.

Anyone wanna indulge me??? :D Oh please, oh please, oh please!

I think I’ll build the collection slowly. One treat per pay and only AFTER I’ve paid my bills, taken care of Aidan and the cats and such.

BWAH. I keep having weird dreams, and they’re involving the same people. I have no idea why or what they mean or what they’re trying to tell me, but man, I am pretty tired of them.

Yay for Friday. Yay for Disney.

I found a site from where to download the monorail spiel. So guess what I did? I downloaded Goldwave and edited it, so it only says “Please.” HAHAHA. Such fond memories.

I have Disneyworld fever so badly it’s not funny. Too bad I don’t have any funds to permit me to go! Ah, someday soon. Again. I pray. :)

‘Til Later! ºOº

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