A long time ago, I’d come up with a pitch sentence for the current novel I’m kindasorta shopping around. I posted it on a board for a workshop but somehow never saved it to my hard drive. Of course, the board lost the pitch sentence and I’d been fumbling around trying to recall it for months.

Well, I was browsing around on Sarah Dessen’s website and came across her page on one of her books: This Lullaby. She talks about how others seem to come up with pitches a lot easier than the actual author–and I remembered the feelings I got when I finally came up with the sentence for my novel. Everything came flooding back and BAM. I had my pitch sentence again. I hurried and wrote it down and emailed it to myself before I forgot.

This is instrumental. If someday I make it to a writer’s conference (and my book hasn’t sold yet), I’ll have my pitch. Excellent. :)

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